Sandwich Leave Policy [Meaning & Rules]

If you take leave before and after any holiday, that holiday will be treated as sandwich leave. It applies to Sundays and public holidays. To get a salary for that day, you have to use your leave balance like CL or EL. If you don’t have any leave then you will not get a salary for sandwich leave.

For example, if an employee takes two days of leave on Saturday and Monday, then the middle of Sunday will not be considered a holiday. 

Similarly, if any week offs or public holidays fall between two availed leaves then all those days will be treated as paid leaves including the holidays & week offs under the sandwich leave policy.

For that day, a casual or earned leave will be deducted (or) salary will be deducted if the employee has no leave balance.

Here the holiday got sandwiched between two availed leaves, so all those days combined are called sandwich leaves.

Sandwich leave policy in India

The sandwich leave policy does not apply if the employee takes leave only after the holiday(or) before the holiday.

The sandwich leave policy is not mentioned in any particular employment law of. Companies use this leave policy to stop employees from taking leaves during weekends. This leave policy is widely used in factories.

Nowadays most progressive companies are stopped using the sandwich leave policy. They are considering the holiday as a holiday even if it falls between two availed leaves.


Is Sandwich Leave Policy Legal?

It is not illegal, Companies based on their needs may structure a sandwich leave policy. It is completely up to the companies whether to follow it or not.

Is Sunday counted in leave?

If your company is following a sandwich leave policy and when you take leaves on both Saturday and Monday, then that Sunday will also be treated as a paid leave.

What is Saturday, Sunday, and Monday leave policy?

This is a simple and most basic level terminology of sandwich leave policy.

How to avoid sandwich leaves?

To avoid sandwich leave, you must report for duty immediately before or after the holiday.

Does TCS have a Sandwich leave policy?

No, TCS doesn’t have a sandwich leave policy.


10 thoughts on “Sandwich Leave Policy [Meaning & Rules]”


    2) Will the leave working days be considered sandwich if Sunday is not paid?

    • 1.Yes, if national holiday falls in between two leaves, that day will be considered as sandwich.
      2.The Sunday or any public holiday between two consecutive leaves will become Sandwich leave. If Sunday is not a paid day and you takes leave, it will be alloted with any leaves like CL, or EL, or LOP (Incase of no leave balance)
      However the final decision depends on the company’s leave policy.

  2. If i have holiday on wednesday, and i take 2cl on monday and tuesday than is that sanwich leave. I have worked on saturday and thursday.. Company says it is sandwich leave sunday mon tue wed .. is that true practice???

    • No, its wrong. The sandwich leave policy does not apply if the employee takes leave only after the holiday(or) before the holiday.

  3. If i have taken half day on friday and holiday on monday with sat sun office off, why will i be subjected to sandwich leave

    • Ydi mujhe mere organization se Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday ki holiday mili h or Maine Friday or Saturday ki chhutti Li h to kya ye sandvich leave m count hoga

  4. If we take Saturday as optional holiday, Sunday is week off and Monday will take leave. How we calculate leaves in sandwich policy?

    • No, if you attend office on Wednesday, Tuesday’s declared holiday will be treated as one day salary only. It can not be called as Sandwich leave.


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