Shram Suvidha Unified Employer Portal Details & Uses

Shram Suvidha is a unified portal for employer to register establishments under various labour laws and to pay various statutory compliances like provident fund, ESI, etc. There are nearly 44 labour laws are enforceable by both central and state governments of India on various establishments. So in order to bring all those labour laws on one platform, the The Ministry Of Labour & Employment has launched a single platform to work with all these labour laws.

At present Shram Suvidha unified employer portal is serving 4 major government organizations, they are 1. Employee Provident Fund Organization 2. Employee State Insurance Corporation 3. Office Of Chief Labour Commissioner and 4. Directorate General Of Mines Safety.

Shram Suvidha Unified Employer Portal Details & Uses

The unified shram suvidha portal brings convenience in reporting and transparency in labour inspections. This will be done by updating of inspection reports periodically by enforcement departments.

Employers can make payments for Employee Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance directly from this portal.

Employers can make annual returns easily in shram suvidha portal

Shram Suvidha Unified Employer Portal

Shrma Suvidha portal will work with a common unique labour identification number (LIN) also called as Shram Pehchan Sankhya.

Register For LIN (Labour Identification Number) In Shram Suvidha Portal

Shram Suvidha Unified Portal Dashboard

hram Suvidha Unified Employer Portal Details & Uses

The dash of Shram Suvidha Portal contains the following menu options, you can learn about each one separately in the following description

Duplicate LIN Removal Request Form: This will be used to remove duplicate Labour Identification Numbers.

Establishments:  Here we can check already register establishments in shram suvidha portal.

Verify Data: Here we can view and modify data of establishments registered in shram suvidha unified portal.

File Annual Returns: Here employers can file annual returns of their establishments.

Your Inspection: Here we can view the data uploaded by enforcement departments regarding inspections.

Link Establishment: This is used to link other establishments of the employer with LIN in shram suvidha portal.

Monthly EPFO / ESIC Return: This will be used to do month EPFO and ESIC returns.

Downloads: This option will be useful to download Guidelines to fill shram suvidha establishment form, Establishment representative USSP manualV1.0 and Establishment data verification manual V1.0

Download Guidelines_to_Fill_Shram_Suvidha_Establishment_Form

Download Establishment_Representative_USSP_Manual_V1.0

Download Guidelines_For_Establishment_Data_Verification_USSP_Manual_v1.0

9. Know Your LIN: This option will be used to know the LIN number of the employer.

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