Simple Blank Resume Formats PDF Download [Editable]

Making a resume in MS Word (or) Google Docs takes time. As most of the resumes will be sent in PDF format via email, I have created a simple editable resume format that can be edited easily for both freshers and experienced.

These resume formats look similar to the resumes made in MS word. You can download them for free and edit them as per your requirements.

Format 1 (For Freshers)

Blank resume format PDF download for freshers.

(Open the PDF in Google Chrome Browser (or) Adobe Reader to edit)

Format 2 (for Experienced)

Blank resume format PDF download experienced

(Open the PDF in Google Chrome Browser (or) Adobe Reader to edit)

How to Make a Resume in PDF Format

  1. You can create a resume in PDF format in any word processor tool like MS Word, or Google docs.
  2. If you are using MS word use the “Save As” option and select the PDF option while saving the documents.
  3. If you are using Google docs while exporting the document select the PDF option.

What are 5 Things Your Resume Must Have

  1. Career Objective / Profile Summary:
    The freshers need to mention career objectives and experience candidates need to use a profile summary in their resume.
    A career objective is a statement that describes your goal for joining the job.
    Eg: Secure a career in a reputable organization that provides me with numerous opportunities to excel in my profession and contribute effectively to the growth of the organization.
    Profile summary is a short statement that specifies your experience, and skills in your current and previous jobs.
    Eg: A result-oriented software engineer with 3 years of experience in analysis, programming, testing and debugging applications, documentation, and installation and maintenance procedures.
  2. Education: The qualification of the employee is a must needed on every resume. Every job requires a specific qualification. You need to list your qualification in descending order i.e from tighter qualification to lower qualification.
  3. Work Experience: If you have any previous work experience, you must include it in your resume. You need to mention the company name, period of work, and major job responsibilities. For experienced candidates, it is better to put experience details before educational details on the resume.
  4. Skills: This is the most important section in your resume. Your skills are the keywords that employers look for. Generally, recruiters don’t read the entire resume, they will search whether the candidate’s skills are matching with the job requirements or not. So every time you apply for a new job, make sure the skills mentioned on your resume are matching with the job requirements.
  5. Personal Information: Finally your personal information such as your mobile number, email id, and other information such as an address, date of birth, and gender should be included in your resume. Among all these, your mobile number and email id are extremely important for communication.

Which Resume Format is Best in 2022

There are mainly 3 types of resume formats, which are 1. Reverse chronological 2. Functional and 3. Combinational.

If you are an experienced candidate, you better use a reverse chronological type of resume, where you highlight your work history before your skills and education.

If you are a fresher, you can use a functional resume, which highlights your skills and education.

You can also use a combinational type of resume if you want to highlight both experience and skills. But the most widely used resume format is the reverse chronological resume type.

How to Put Photos in PDF Formats of Resumes

There are several ways you can put phot in PDF format. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro version then you can upload our photo on the resume easily. But most of us don’t use Adobe Acrobat Pro version.

There are several online tools such as,, etc where you can easily add your photo to your resume.

Step 1: Go to any of the above-mentioned websites and click on Edit PDF.

how to add photo to resume pdf

Step 2: Now upload your resume PDF document.

Image upload option on resume pdf

Step 3: Now click on add image option and upload the photo from your computer or mobile.

How to add image to the resume pdf

Step 4: Download the Edited PDF format and save it.

Resume pdf format image upload option

(The above process same as almost all online PDF editor tools)

Can a Resume Be 2 Pages or 1 Page

In most cases, a single-page resume is enough. In case your experience is above 10 years in that case you can add an additional page.

Does the Resume Need Signature

If you are submitting a resume in physical format (printout), in that case, a signature is required.

If you are sending a soft copy of the resume such as a PDF or Word document then the signature is not required. In the signature field, you can type your name or leave that space blank.


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