Simple Recruitment Process Flowchart

Recruitment Process Flowchart : Recruitment is a key factor for success of every organization, selection of right candidate for right job is always an important task for HR professionals. Recruitment is one of the common role performed by every HR professional. Here you are going to learn steps in recruitment process and also you can find simple recruitment flow chart.

Simple Recruitment Process Flowchart (Or) Human Resources Hiring Process Flow  Chart

Simple Recruitment Process Flowchart


There are mainly 4 steps in recruitment process , they are 1. Opening Personal Requisition  Form or Man Power Requisition Form 2. Sourcing Curriculam Vitae 3. Screening Candidate & Selection 4. Issuing Offer Letter & Joining

1. Opening Personal Requisition or Man Power Requisition : Personal requisition is a form which contains details regarding vacant job position in particular department. It has to be filled by the  recruitment team with proper approval from departmental head and final approval will be taken by manager. This process will take 1-2 days.

2. Sourcing Curriculam Vitae : In general recruitment is a process stimulating the employees to apply for a job. Here the process involves sourcing curriculam vitae (CVs) from various job portal in internet or through giving advertisements in news papers and other media channels. In general this process will take 1-7 days but in some cases it may take more than 30 days.

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3. Screening Candidate & Selection : In this process candidates will be interviewed in various rounds starting from telephonic interview to final round of interview with manager. The interview rounds will be varies based upon the vacant job position.

Once the HR team and superior authority feels that the candidate is good then they have to do reference check i.e they have to verify the back ground data of candidate by calling he previous organization. This process will take 1-2 days.

4. Issuing Offer Letter & Joining : Once the selection of candidate completes then employer needs to send an offer letter to employee and they have to take acknowledgement from the employee.

On joining date HR team will collect joining checklist documents and issues appointment letter. Here the personal requisition  or man power requisition will be closed. You can find this details in above mentioned simple recruitment flow chart.

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