Solution: As Per Multiple Payment Member Service is Overlapping On The Other Estt in PF Claim

If your PF claim is rejected due to the following message that “AS PER MULTIPLE PAYMENT MEMBER SERVICE IS OVERLAPPING ON THE OTHER ESTT” then it means that your date of exit or date of joining is wrongly entered either in the previous company of yours or in present company. Some time new employers update your new date of joining before your exit date in your previous company.

For example, you have worked in a company from 1 Jan 2020 to 30 Jun 2020 and joined another company on 1 July 2020. So your new date of joining a new company is 1 July 2020.

But if the new employer adds your date of joining as 1Jun 2020 then your claim will be rejected for the above reason. At the same, if the old employer updates your date of exit by mistakenly as 30 July 2020 then also your claim will be rejected.

The Solution for this problem is you have to correct the wrong date of joining or wrong date of exit because EPFO doesn’t allow you to contribute for the EPF from Two companies at the same time.

(Recently EPFO added an option to update the date of exit of employees themselves in the UAN member portal without the help of the employer, so some times EPF members are mistakenly updating their date of exit.)

You cannot correct your date of exit or date of joining online, you need to submit PF joint declaration form to your regional EPF office to correct your details, after correction you can reclaim your PF amount.

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