5 Things To Consider Before Starting A Recruitment Agency With No Experience

Starting a recruitment agency is not an easy task it needs lots of efforts and hard work. Even the experienced recruiters will also face so many struggles during the recruitment process. So if you are in a plan to start a recruiting agency with no experience then read this carefully.

Recruiting is not just selecting a candidate for a particular job position, it involves recruiting a right candidate for the right job position, then only it will become a win-win situation for both employee and employer.

Starting A Recruitment Agency With No Experience

Things To Consider Before Starting A Recruitment Agency With No Experience

Register Your Recruitment Agency

The first and most important thing while starting a recruitment agency is registering your recruitment agency. You can register your recruitment agency with your local authority.

Registrations required to start a recruitment agency

Maintain Good Relation With Employers

Having a good relationship with the employers is the most important task in the staffing business. As a fresher with no experience in the recruitment business, it is not possible to get contacts of big corporate employers.

So first you have to concentrate on local employers in your locality, visit those employers directly and note their requirements.

Once you start recruiting candidates for local employers then automatically they will refer to other employers, so slowly you can get contacts of big corporate clients.

Keep A Data Base Of Candidates Who Are Looking For Jobs

Collecting the data of the candidates who are looking for the jobs is another major task in recruitment business. Here you need to use advertisement technique properly to collect the data of candidates.

Give some advertisements in print media with available job opportunities with you, and don’t mention your client names in advertisements.

Buy premium amounts from job portals such as Naukri, Indeed, Monster etc… Once you are a premium member then you can easily find the details of candidates who are looking for the jobs.

Online Presence Is Important

Nowadays it is very important to have a solid online presence and also social presence. Have a website for your recruiting agency and update the job notifications.

Using social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is another way to bring candidates to your recruiting agency.

Always Be In Contact With Already Recruited Candidates & Clients

Your work was not done by just recruiting candidates and clients, you have to take feedback from your clients on regular basis and listen to the opinions of the recruited candidates.

Because no employee will not stay in a single company, they will change jobs regularly due to various reasons. So in future whenever they are in a job search then they will again contact you.

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