Subject Lines for Resignation Letter to Manager

The subject line of your resignation letter communicates your decision of resigning from your job to your HR or manager. Keep your subject line simple. It is better to include the job title and last working date in your resignation subject line. Eg. Resignation to Sales Manager Position from 30 May 2023.

You should keep your resignation letter polite and professional. A good resignation letter starts with an effective subject line.

Dos & Don’ts When Writing A Resignation Subject Line

  1. You can include your name, last working date, job title, and reason for resignation in the subject line of the resignation.
  2. Keep the subject line simple, you do not need to convey the entire information in the subject line.
  3. Do not use any bad language; Even if you do not like your job and boss, it is advised to not use any bad words in your resignation letter and subject line as well.
  4. Keep the subject line formal, when you are sending your resignation email to the HR or Manager, however, it can be friendly while sending it to your colleagues.
  5. Proof Read; Shorten the subject line as much as possible as proofreading helps you to rectify any grammatical mistakes.

Email Subject Line Examples

  1. Resignation Letter
  2. Resignation – Your Name
  3. My Resignation, As of [Date]
  4. Resignation from the ………… Position
  5. Please Accept My Resignation
  6. Resignation Notice
  7. Resignation from the Date of [Date]
  8. Resignation for [Reason]
  9. Resignation Due to [Reason]
  10. Resignation from the Post of [Job Title]
  11. Resignation Announcement
  12. Resignation Because of [Reason]
  13. Immediate Resignation
  14. Resignation from my position
  15. Resigning from my Job
  16. Resignation from my position; W.E.F [Date]
  17. Notice of resignation
  18. Resignation as of [Last Working Date]
  19. Your Name – Resignation
  20. Resignation Effective from the [Date]
  21. Sorry for Resigning
  22. Resignation Approval Request
  23. Resignation Effective [Date]: [Your Name]
  24. Will be Resigning from [Position], Effective [Date]
  25. [Your Name]: Effect from [Date]
  26. One Month Notice: Resignation
  27. Two Weeks Notice: Resignation from [Job Title] job
  28. Leaving My Job at [Company Name] as a [Job Title]
  29. Resignation: Last Working Date [Date]
  30. Resignation from the Position of [Job Title] As of [Date]
  31. [Name] Resignation: Thank You.
  32. Intent of Resignation
  33. Formal Resignation: Your Name
Subject Lines for Resignation Letter to Manager

Resignation Email Subject Lines to Colleagues

  1. Good Bye: from – [Your Name]
  2. Good Bye and Best Wishes
  3. Farewell – Thank You for Your Support
  4. See You Later: Today is My Last Working Day
  5. A Note of Farewell
  6. My Farewell to You All
  7. Good Bye! See You Soon
  8. Thank You & Good Bye
  9. I’ll Forever Be Grateful – [Your Name]
  10. Thank You – It Was a Pleasant Journey
  11. Thank You All – Good Luck
  12. Missing You All: Best Wishes
  13. All My Love and Thanks to You
  14. Farewell Update: [Your Name]
  15. I Humbly Thank You: Good Bye
  16. Thank You For Giving Me The Opportunity
  17. Accept My Endless Gratitude
  18. Thanks for Every Thing
  19. Time to Say Farewell
  20. All I Can Say is Thanks: [Your Name]
  21. Don’t Know What to Say: [Your Name]

Resignation Email Subject Lines to Clients

  1. I Have Resigned: Thanks For Your Support
  2. About My Resignation at [Company Name]
  3. [Your Name]: Resigned at [Company Name]
  4. Resigned from My Position : [Your Name]
  5. Thank You For Your Support


1. What is the resignation email subject for software engineers?

Eg. Resignation from Software Developer Position
Resignation Letter: Suresh P [Software Engineer]
Formal Resignation: Gayatri Jain, Python Developer

2. TCS Resignation letter subject line example?

Eg: Resignation Letter – [Your name, Designation]
Resignation Notice – Your name

3. Is email sufficient for the resignation notice?

It depends on your company’s rules and regulations. These days most companies are accepting resignation emails.

4. To whom should I send my resignation email to HR or the Manager?

Before sending a resignation letter you should consult your head of the department. After that, you can send the resignation letter to HR or Manage as per your company rules.


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