List of Naukri Fast Forward Services & Their Cost

naukri fast forward services cost

What is Naukri Fast Foward Services: Naukri offers paid services to the job seekers to help them in the recruitment process like improving their profile performance, getting the attention of recruiters by promoting their profile, etc… By using the Naukri fast forward services the job … Read more

How to Get Refund from Naukri | Naukri Refund Policy

How to get refund from Naukri | Naukri refund policy

Naukri offers several paid services for both job seekers and recruiters. The examples of their services are like resume writing, resume display, priority applicant, resume critique, recruiter connection, interview preparation, and Resdex(Resume Database Access) services for the recruiters. But here the major question is will … Read more

How to Update Notice Period in Naukri Portal & App

How to Update / change Notice Period in Naukri Portal & App

Updating notice period in the Naurkri profile will help the recruiters to know when you can able to join in new job. Some recruiters consider the notice period as one of the factors to call that job applicant for the interview or not. Here you … Read more

How to Block Particular Companies in Naukri Portal

how to block particular companies in naukri portal

Do you know you can block some companies (recruiters) in Naukri. You can use this option when you are getting unnecesary calls from any recruiter or do you want to hide your profile to your current company. Here you can know the step by step … Read more