Total Service is Greater than or Equal to 9.5 Years (OR) Service Length is Less than 6 Months

To apply for a pension amount (Form 10C) your service should be above 6 months and below 9.5 yrs. In PF 9.5 years will be considered as 10 yrs. 

In some cases even though the employees have more than  6 months of service, still they are not able to withdraw their pension amount, and there are some cases where pension claims get rejected with the above error even after successful submission of form 10C.

otal service is greater than or equal to 9.5 years of service length is less than 6 months

There are two reasons for this, i) Your employer hasn’t paid the PF & pension contributions at the right time, and ii) some employers don’t enter pension wages while paying pension contributions. You can check it in your PF passbook.

Pension withdrawal problem service is less than 6 months

If your service is actually less than 6 months, then you can transfer your unclaimed pension amount to a new PF account whenever your join the new job.

If your service is above 9.5 yrs, then you have to until when you cross 58 yrs of your age to apply for the monthly pension amount.

How to Withdraw Pension Amount, If My Service is Above 6 Months but Getting the “Less than 6 Months Service Error” While Submitting Form 10C Online

You cannot withdraw your pension amount online if you get the above error, you have to claim it offline by submitting PF composite claim forms Aadhar (or) Non-Aadhar to your PF office.

If your Aadhar number is linked to your PF account then submit PF composite claim form non Aadhar to your PF office, this form doesn’t require the signature of your employer.

Otherwise, submit PF composite claim form Aadhar, this form requires the employer’s signature.

Along with the above form submit your bank passbook copy (or) cancelled cheque with your name printed on it.

At present offline pension, withdrawal is the only solution to claim your pension amount if are getting less than 6 months of service error on the UAN member portal.


How much time will it take to withdraw the pension amount offline?

It will take a maximum of 20 days from the date of submitting a pension claim form to your PF office.

How to know my total service in PF pension?

You can know your total service by using the service history option on the UAN member portal (or) by viewing your PF passbook.

Which form should I submit to withdraw my pension amount?

Submit form 10C for online pension withdrawal, and composite claim forms Aadhar or non Aadhar for offline pension withdrawal.

What is form 10D?

Form 10D is used to apply for a monthly pension amount if your total service reaches 9.5 years.

Can I transfer my pension amount if I don’t withdraw it now?

Yes, you can transfer it whenever you join the new job.

Can I withdraw only the PF amount (form 19)?

Yes, you can withdraw only the PF amount, and you can keep your pension amount in your PF pension account.

Will I receive interest on the pension amount?

No, you will not receive any interest on the pension amount.

When can I apply for a pension amount either online or offline?

You can withdraw it after 2 months from the date of leaving your job.

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