How To Do UAN Name Correction Online Including DOB, Gender & Aadhaar Number

Here is a good news for you, now all the EPF members can correct their basic details like UAN name, date of birth, gender and Aadhaar number in online at UAN member portal. Earlier EPF members need to fill and submit EPF composite claim form to their regional EPFO office. But there is no need to fill EPF composite claim form. Now you can correct your EPF details online. Here is a step by step guide on how to do UAN name correction online or EPF name correction online.

UAN Name Correction Online

The same UAN name correction online process will be used to do UAN date of birth correction online, and also for gender and Aadhaar number correction. In order to do EPF name correction online go to UAN member portal and log in with your UAN number and password.

UAN Name Correction Online

In home page go to Manage option in the primary menu bar and select modify basic details.

UAN Name Correction Online

Now on the new page, you can find options to correct your Aadhaar number, name, date of birth and Gender. Now enter your correct details and click on Update details.

UAN Name Correction Online

Note: In order to correct your PF details online you must enter your details as they are printed on your Aadhaar card. If your Aadhaar details are not correct then you have to correct those details in your nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre.

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How To Fill EPF Composite Declaration Form 11

After successful updation of your details, your employer has to approve those details in their employer PF portal. So it is better to intimate your employer after updating your details at UAN member portal.

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23 thoughts on “How To Do UAN Name Correction Online Including DOB, Gender & Aadhaar Number”

  1. Dear sir,i’m unable to login to my pf account it is showing invalid username and password and in UMANG app i’m unbale to login .

    What should i do? please guide me sir.

    • Check whether your UAN is correct or not, try to login or activate UAN on UAN member portal website.
      If your UAN is correct you can able to reset your Password, after resetting the password try to login on Umang.
      If above steps fail and your UAN is correct, then you have to visit your PF office to solve this problem.

  2. Hello,

    I am ex-employee of a company and it is closed now. When I visit the PF office, they said gender and other details are wrong. How can update the details, also I want to update phone and adhar number to it. Joint declaration form does not have option to update those. Can any one help me to update it.


  3. Hello Sir,
    I wnat to update father’s name on EPF account, actually I have written Short Name in EPF but any other documents have full name of my father.
    For example: K.N.Jha is short name, And Full Name Is Krishnanand Jha.

    Can I update this through online portal?

    • There is no option to correct father’s name online, you have to submit PF joint declaration form to your PF office.

  4. Hello ,

    My Aadhar number is updated incorrectly in UAN portal. Now I cannot update the details in the UAN portal as there is no option to edit the Aadhar number.

    Is there any way to edit the Aadhar number online. I have submitted the Joint declaration form in PF office but they have

  5. Need to update mobile number as registered mobile number is no more in service.

    Also need to update DOB but forgot UAN password.

  6. Hi,

    My employer has already approved PF transfer but pending at field office. If all details are correct, how much time field office take to approve the transfer to current PF account?

  7. Dear sir, i applied for full name changes online mode on 26th Nov 2017 which was approved by employer on 5th Dec 2017 now it’s showing as my request pending at “pf field office” till date, several time i called pf officer regarding this approval, but they again asking hard copy to change the name, also i raised grievance and they replied as there is such a request in online portal.

    What should I do now? please guide.


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