Udemy Certificate Value in India | Is it Recognised?

Udemy certificates are not recognised by any university so they are not equal to the college degrees in India, but you can add them under other certification courses, which boosts your resume. 

Doing Udemy courses will improve your skills and knowledge and help in your career development.

Adding Udemy certification details to your resume is always recommendable for both freshers and experienced candidates.

Because only a few candidates keep on learning after completing their education (or) after getting their first job. If you have completed a course that shows your interest in learning, it is an additional benefit over the other candidates who applied for the same job.

Udemy certificate value in India

“Don’t do Udemy course just for the certificate purpose, Do it to gain the knowledge”

What is the Value of the Udemy Certificate in India?

Most jobs in India require college degrees recognized by universities. If you don’t have any such degree then just a Udemy certificate is not useful to you. 

If you don’t have any college degree that a particular job requires, then the Udemy certificate alone is not valuable.  Udemy is a place to develop your skills and a certificate is just proof only.

Udemy is one of the best platforms to improve your skills and knowledge in your respective field.  If you choose the right instructor then you can learn more information in less time when compared to a college degree in India.

Any online or offline certifications courses will lead to a positive impression in view of the interviewers. Sites like Udemy, Coursera, Edx, and even Youtube made learning easy.

Benefits of Udemy Courses

  • Udemy saves your time, you can learn more information in less time
  • All topics are organized, so you don’t need to worry about which topic to learn next.
  • You can complete the course whenever you have free time
  • The price is also reasonable when you purchase them during offers. (Udemy runs offers most of the time)
  • The courses in Udemy provide more practical knowledge compared to the college education 
  • You can learn things from the best instructors around the world
  • Every course has lifetime access, which helps in revision
  • Finishing courses on Udemy gives you the confidence, which helps you in getting the job
  • A wide range of courses is available.
  • A 30 days refund policy is also available, in case you don’t like the course.
  • Provides certificates after completing each course.


Is the Udemy certificate valid in India?

A Udemy certificate is not equal to a college certificate, because it is not recognized by any university.  All courses in Udemy are uploaded by the individual instructors.

Can I add an Udemy certificate to my resume?

Yes, you can add it to your resume under the other certifications section

Which is better: Coursera or Udemy?

In Coursera the courses are provided by the professors from top universities, that’s why when compared to the Udemy certificate the Coursera certificate is more valuable but again not equal to a college certificate in India.

If learning is your main goal at an affordable price then I recommend Udemy. 

How to get a job using a Udemy certificate (without a college degree)?

Try in startups that recruit based on candidate skills, not on certificates. 


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