EPF UAN Password Example

EPF members who are trying to login at UAN member portal or who want to download their PF passbook need to enter their UAN number and password. Every EPF member needs to verify their UAN number at the UAN portal, during the verification process they need to set a password for UAN portal. Here you can find some valid EPF UAN password examples, which will help you in creating a strong password for your UAN number.

UAN Password Example

What is the format of UAN password

A Valid UAN password should follow the below six points

  1. The password should be a minimum of 7 characters
  2. It must contain at least 1 capital letter and 1 small letter.
  3. It must contain at least One special character, for example @, *, # …
  4. Password must contain a minimum of 4 alphabets
  5. Password must contain a minimum of 2 digits (numbers)
  6. The maximum length of the UAN password should be 20 characters.

UAN Password Examples

Here we have listed some UAN password examples, which will help you in creating your UAN portal password.

  • Raju@1991
  • Giri2564*
  • Lakshmi123@
  • Susmita#99
  • veeNa@777
  • sweeTy333@
  • Deepak*789
  • Sony_256
  • viKram888#
  • Asish@123

UAN password length

UAN password length should be at least 7 characters and the maximum is 20 characters. You cannot create a password of fewer than 7 characters or more than 20 characters at the UAN member portal.

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  1. I am trying to activate the UAN after entering all the details . Error showing that mobile number is not linked with Adhaar but OTP is receiving on the registered mobile. Kindly help me with the issue.


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