Warning Letter to Employee for Leave Without Permission

As per the company attendance policies being absent from work without a leave letter is an undisciplined act. Except in emergency cases, most of the time, the employers issue a warning letter to such employees asking for an explanation.

If the employee repeatedly becomes absent without permission, the company will take serious action.

1. Warning Letter for Leave Without Permission

The Employee’s Name,
Employee ID,

Sub: Warning letter for unauthorized absence.

This was noted during the verification of your attendance records, you are absent from duty without the approval of your concerned authorities. You have been absent for 3 days from [date] to [date].

It is total indiscipline and unprofessional behavior. Unauthorized absenteeism leads to manpower shortage and will cause considerable damage to the business.

Please provide us with a written explanation within 2 days of receipt of this letter. Failure to do so will result in severe disciplinary action.

Officer’s name & Signature,

Warning letter to employee for leave without permission

2. Strong Warning Letter for Employee Not Coming To Work

Sub: Warning letter for absence without leave.

It has come to our attention that you were absent from your duties on [date] without the approval of your relevant authorities. This kind of unprofessional behavior is unacceptable in our company.

Please give your written explanation within 2 days or you will be responsible for strict disciplinary measures.

Do not consider this a casual warning letter, any repetition of such a mistake will result in the termination of your employment.

For the “Company name”,
Authorized Signatory.

3. Memo for Leave without Permission

Sub: Unauthorized absence memo.

It comes to our notice that, you were absent from work without prior approval of your superior officers on the following dates [date 1], [date 2], and [date 3]. It is wilful insubordination and gross negligence of your duties.

Your absence from duty without prior approval is misconduct that makes you liable for the necessary action.

You are warned to refrain from doing such things, otherwise, disciplinary action will be taken against you.

We further advise you to provide a written explanation of your unauthorized leave upon receipt of this letter (or) as soon as you resume duties.

Kindly treat this matter as urgent

For the “Company Name”,
Authorized Signatory.

Memo for leave without permission

4. 2nd Warning Letter for Leave Without Permission

Sub: Warning letter for absence without permission.

We have been repeatedly notified of your absence from work without the approval of the concerned authorities. This can have a severe impact on the productivity and performance of the company, as well as on your appraisal in the future.

You have already received a warning letter for unauthorized absenteeism, which is the final warning of your misconduct.

Please provide a written explanation and any failure to comply with the company’s rules will result in serious actions, which may lead to the termination of your service.

For the “Company name”,
Authorized Signatory.

5. Warning Email to Employee for Leave Without Information

Sub: Notice for unauthorized absence.

It is been observed that you have two unauthorized leaves in the previous month on the date [date 1] and [date 2]. It’s an indication of your total lack of professionalism. This type of behavior will not be tolerated by management.

Also, please note that no existing leave is applicable for unauthorized absenteeism and these days will be considered a loss of pay (LOP).

It is a last warning against your behavior, if you repeat such unprofessionalism, the management will take strict action against you.

Officer’s name,

Warning mail to employee for leave without permission

Explanation Letter for Leave without Permission

Sub: Explanation letter.

My apologies for my absence on the following dates [date 1] and [date 2] without applying for leave. This happened due to an unexpected situation because I had a serious health issue/ accident/ death of a close relative.

I apologize again for my mistake, and I promise you I will never make such a mistake again. So please accept my regrets.

Thanking you.

Your name.


1. Can employers terminate employees if they take leave without permission?

Yes, companies have a right to terminate employees for unauthorized leaves. First, they give warnings, and if the employee keeps repeating the same mistake, he will be liable for termination.

2. Will employees get a salary for unauthorized absenteeism?

No, salary will not be paid for unauthorized absence, even though the employee has eligible leaves like CLs and ELs.


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