Warning Letter For Usage Of Mobile Phone On Workplace

Today most of the organizations are not allowing their employees to use mobile phones in office premises.  Due to the increased usage of mobile phones in the workplace, the productivity of the employees is decreasing and it finally affects the success of the organization. Here you can know about how to write a warning letter for the usage of mobile phone in the workplace.

But before writing mobile phone restriction notice, every company should have proper cell phone usage at work policy. Some companies don’t allow mobiles into office premises, they will make some special arrangements to store mobile phones of employees at security guards.

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Sample Warning Letter For Usage Of Mobile Phone On Workplace


To                                                                                                                                                                                  Visakhapatnam,

S Sunil Kumar,                                                                                                                                                         Date: 21-05-2019.

Employee Id: 123456

Department: Finance

Subject: Warning Letter For Usage OF Mobile Phone On Workplace

Dear Sunil Kumar,

                      This is to bring your kind notice that after several verbal warnings regarding the usage of mobile phones on workplaces, still there is no change in your behavior even after all reminders and notices. As per company policy usage of mobile phones is prohibited in office premises.  If anyone acts against this policy, management will treat it as an in disciplinary action.

Kindly treat this letter as a final warning and any action against this will be treated as misconduct and strict actions will be taken by the management.

For The ABC Company PVT Ltd

Authorized Signatory.

Circular For Not Using Mobile Phone In Office


Date : 10-05-2017

                                      This is to inform all the employees of the ABC company Pvt Ltd, that usage of mobile phones  on the workplace is strictly prohibited. If anyone acts against to this policy will be treated under strict in disciplinary action.

It is hereby informed that henceforth strict action will be taken against those found violating this policy.


The ABC Company PVT Ltd,

Authorized Signatory.

1 thought on “Warning Letter For Usage Of Mobile Phone On Workplace”

  1. I have been a regular customer for 14 years and was badly treated by a supermarket employee {who was very close to me once}. We fell out because, she does not apologise after doing wrong. She then had me banned from the store after teaming up with a violent security guard {who was sacked for fighting} and took photos of me with his phone. He then sent the photos to her and whenever I go to the store, she “goes to her locker for her phone and shows the security guard the photo and says to him I must be chucked out, I have been banned”. She then “uses her phone to photograph me again and make videos of me and send TEXTS etc. while, I am sure employees are not allowed to use their mobile phones while at work. She was in charge of a very busy self checkout area and were not paying attention to her responsibilities. {I have got photos of her on the phone}
    I eventually met the elusive manager recently and mentioned this to him and that she should be dismissed mainly for this. He said to inform the head office and he will enforce the rule.​
    This employee is abusive as well, she was swearing at me in the presence of other customers and colleagues. {I’ve got a video of the swearing as well}
    I asked the manager to have her to remove my photos from her phone as well as it against the Data Protection Act.​
    Many thanks, write soon​


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