What is Attestation through Previous Employer Means

When an EPF member wants to transfer the PF amount from the previous PF account to present PF account then he can have two options to process the PF transfer process, they are through approval of the previous employer or through approval of the present employer.

If the employer chooses the previous employer while the PF transfer process in the UAN member portal then the PF transfer request will go to the previous employer and they have to approve it in their employer PF portal.

Simply attestation through a previous employer means your PF transfer request has to be approved by the previous employer with their digital signature.

If you choose attestation through a present employer then your transfer request will go to your present employer and they have to approve it in their employer PF Portal.

Previous employer attestation or present employer attestation which is best for PF transfer?

It is always better to choose present employer to attest your PF tarnsfer request, because while you are working with present employer it will become easy for you to follow up with them.

And if is there any problem arises during your PF transfer then you can easily solve it by taking support of your present employer. So I always recommend you to choose your present employer attestatin for PF transfer process.

If by mistake if you have chosen a previous employer, then you don’t need to worry. It is not a problem, if they don’t approve your request within 7 days then just mail them or call them or visit them directly. Attesting PF transfer requests by employers is an easy process and it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes.

9 thoughts on “What is Attestation through Previous Employer Means”

  1. Hello Sir,
    I selected Previous employer for attestation. Now do I need to submit the form 13 to them ? Or what should be the next step ?

    • Submit form 13 online for PF transfer and your previous employer will approve it on their employer PF portal, After their approval, it has to be approved by your PF office.

  2. I selected previous employer attestation, but that establishment is closed now, can my current establishment approve ?? if not how do I proceed with it now ?
    Thanx in advance

    • You can register a complaint on the PF grievance portal to cancel the previous transfer request.
      After cancellation make a fresher transfer request through current employer attestation.


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