What is Case Disposed of in EPF Grievance Status | Meaning

EPF grievance status case disposed of means your complaint was answered (or) resolved by the PF officer and the complaint was closed. If your PF problem is not yet resolved, then you have to follow the instructions given by the PF officer on the grievance status page. 

EPF grievance status case disposed of meaning

Most of the problems cannot be solved by the EPF officers, because some problems need employers’ intervention & approvals, and some problems need supporting documents by employees & employers.

But when a PF complaint is not resolved by the PF officer, then they will give a solution to that problem in the “final decision section” of the grievance status page, and your complaint/grievance will be closed for further action.

What to Do After “Case Disposed of” in PF Grievance

  1. If your PF problem was resolved, then you don’t need to do anything.
  2. If your problem was not resolved then follow the instructions given by the EPF officer.

What is TAT (Turn Around Time) of EPFO Grievance

The maximum time to get a reply for your EPF complaint is 20 days, but in most cases, EPF grievances will be answered in just 2-3 working days. So the TAT of EPFO grievance will be 2 to 20 days from the date of registering the complaint.

How Can I Cancel My EPF Grievance

You cannot cancel your grievance once it was submitted, but you do not need to worry about it. In case you registered the grievance by mistake then just ignore it.

In most cases, concerned EPF officers will just give a solution, so nothing happens to your PF account.

But still, if you do not want to take any action on your PF complaint, then register another PF grievance, and you can send a message like this:

“Dear sir/Madam,

With due respect, I would like to inform you that by mistake, I have registered an EPF grievance on ________(date of grievance), but now I want to withdraw the grievance. 

So kindly ignore my grievance or cancel it.

Thanking you.


What to Do If My PF Grievance is not Solving

If you don’t receive any reply even after 20 days, then you can send a reminder in the PF grievance portal, using the send reminder option.

How many times can we register a grievance on the same topic?

Before registering another complaint about the same problem.

But before that follow the instructions given in the grievance status, still if you have any doubts (or) are facing problems in resolving your issue then you can register another complaint.

What is the “Upload grievance document” option?

If you want to upload any supporting documents after submitting the grievance, then you can use the upload grievance document option, for this, you need your PF grievance registration number.

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  1. I have registered grievance to request copy of Annexure K. Grievance status is closed stating “Herewith attached document”. But I dont see any attachment. And also no document sent to my registered email id. Where can I find the attachements.


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