What is HR Generalist Activities | Job Description | Skills | Qualification

Human Resource (HR) Generalist is one of the most important positions in every organization. They deal with day to day human resource functions like administration activities, recruitment, time office functions, payroll management, managing statutory compliances, training, and development and maintaining administrative records, and answering the queries of employees related to HR topics

For employees, HR is a priest in front of the god. Anything employees want to communicate or request with the top management will be done through the HR generalists.

HR Generalist Job Description

HR generalist job deals with a variety of human resource tasks. The number of tasks varies from one company to another company. But where the number of tasks is high there the real HR generalist will shine and it will help them in growing as an HR professional.

The major aim of the HR department is to maintain a proper relationship between employees and employers so that all the operations in the organizations will go effectively and smoothly.

The job description of HR generalist includes recruitment, onboarding, and induction, employee relations, attendance management, leave management, payroll management, statutory compliances, employee engagement activities, exit formalities and full and final settlements of employees.

HR Generalist Activities / Responsibilities

  • Handling recruitment, making hiring decisions, identifying the candidates, scheduling interviews, negotiating salaries,
  • Advertising in job portals & newspapers to sourcing prospective candidates.
  • Responsible for issuing offer letters and appointment letters, relieving letters and other documents.
  • Employee leaves and attendance management
  • Payroll management, preparing salary sheets, disbursement of salaries.
  • Addressing the queries of employees related to payroll & labour law regulations
  • Ensuring the payments of provident fund, ESI, professional tax & labour welfare fund dues on the right time,
  • Implementing labour law/statutory compliances as per the state and central labour boards.
  • Conducting HR engagement activities to motivate and train the employees.
  • Exit interviews and full final settlements.
  • Suggesting new procedures and policies to increase the efficiency of the workforce.
  • Sorting HR data and presenting it during audits.
  • Maintaining an internal HR database for record-keeping of employees.
  • Conducting and communicating performance appraisals of employees.
  • Keeping up to date with latest HR policies, practices & labour laws.
  • Creating balance in the workplace with a fair play in line with hr policies.

HR Generalist Requirements

The basic requirement of an HR generalist is skills and qualification, and the experience ads a jewel in the crown. The more experience the HR generalist gains the more doors will open with better opportunities.

HR Generalist Skills & Qualification

  • Previous experience in the role of human resource generalist
  • Knowledge of payroll and labour laws regulations.
  • Strong understanding of the entire hiring cycle.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Understanding business objective and HR practices.
  • Good knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Strong people managing skills.
  • Problem-solving and grievance handling skills.
  • MBA/PGDM in Human resources or Industrial relations, Mcom with Commerce, Any degree with business administration or HR specialization

FAQs About HR Generalist Job Position

To whom HR generalist report to

hr generalist reports to hr manager or general manager of the organization, some times they need to have a direct conversation with CEOs, EDs and Chairmans.

Is HR Generalist is Manager

HR generalist is a subordinate to the HR manager, and with experience and skills HR generalist can reach HR manager position

What are the entry-level HR job titles

Hr assistant –>Jr HR executive –> HR generalist \ executive –> Sr HR executive –> HR Manager.

Is HR generalist stressful job

If you love and passion to work with people then it is not a stressful job, if you are introvert and not a social person then it may be a stressful job for you.

Is HR Generalist is a respectable career

Yes, being an HR generalist is a respectable career and every organization needs HR professionals to deal with the workforce and the salaries will also be good.

Can I become an HR generalist without experience

Yes, with a proper degree with business administration or human resource specialization and knowledge of labour laws and payroll management skills.

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