What to do if Online PF Withdrawal Claim Rejected

There are mainly Two reasons for rejection of online PF claims of the employees. They are incorrect bank account details and the second one is the non submission of PF form 15G or PAN for claims more than 50000 Rs in below 5yrs of service.

Online EPF Claim Rejection Reasons

Two main reasons for rejection of online PF claims

  • Incorrect bank account details
  • Non-submission of form 15G (For online claims not linking PAN)

When compared with offline EPF claims there is less possibility for rejection of online claims. Because the online claim process is possible only when all the details of employees are correct. Otherwise, they can’t able to link their Aadhar number and other KYC details with UAN number.

When UAN is not linked with KYC then it is not possible to claim PF online. So in maximum cases, online claims don’t get rejected. As we discussed earlier there are only Two reasons for not getting PF claim online, they are incorrect bank account details and not linking PAN.

Whenever your PF claim amount is more than 50000 Rs and when you are withdrawing it in less than 5yrs of service then you need to link your PAN with UAN, otherwise tax will deduct from your claim amount. In order to prevent tax deduction, EPFO rejects your claim. So, in this case, link your PAN with your UAN.

In that case, you need correct your bank account details and again apply for EPF claim.

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Rejection reasons in offline PF claims

There are several reasons for rejection of offline PF claims, which includes improperly filled PF claim forms, data mismatch in KYC and UAN member portal, the mismatch in authorized officers signature, and the main reason wrong basic details in PF portal like name of the member, relationship details, DOB, DOJ, DOE etc.

Online PF withdrawal claim rejected what to do now

What to do if online PF withdrawal claim rejected:

If your online claim is rejected due to incorrect bank account details like bank a/c number and IFSC code then correct your bank account details and again claim for the PF amount.

Whenever your online PF claim is rejected due to non-submission of PF form 15G and PAN then you need to link your PAN with your UAN and ask your employer to approve PAN number with the digital signature. For online claims, there is no need to submit to form 15G.

When your offline PF claim is rejected due to any of the above reasons then correct it and reapply for your claim again

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7 thoughts on “What to do if Online PF Withdrawal Claim Rejected”

  1. i have left job from nov 2019 pf claim 2 time rejected by epfo office .claim rejected due to exit date is 2016 by hr department .Hr team not rectify this issue .pls help me if possible

    • First, you have to correct your date of exit, for that submit PF joint declaration form & a request letter to correct DOE to your regional PF office, after correction of the date of exit you can withdraw your PF amount online.

  2. My PF Is rejected by Saying that While Filling Claim Do not Use Upper Case Symbols. Also My Present Employer PF Account is Trust Base. So Which PF Number is should to Transfer PF

  3. I have already updated my KYC in UAN but my claim has been rejected due to below reason :-

    01.Claim Rejected FORM 15 NOT SUBMITTED BY MEMBER

  4. My PF and Aadhar card details were already approved by the employer. I had left the job (60 days period completed), I did not fill the form 15g as my income was more than 2,50,000.
    But my claim got rejected with following reason.
    Your Claim [ Claim Id – ] has been rejected due to : 1) OK 2) FORM 15 G / 15H, PAN CARD NOT SUBMITTED BY MEMBER
    Can anyone help me with this?

  5. Kindly reply with solution, How to reprocess?
    has been rejected due to : 1) ALONG WITH 15G FORM 2) CERTIFICATE ENCLOSED IS IMPROPER

    has been rejected due to : 1) OK 2) NOT ELIGIBLE-INSUFFICIENT SERVICE


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