14 thoughts on “Will PF Interest Stops After 3 Years from Leaving Job”

  1. Thanks for helping .
    I have 10+ years of PF Service and resigned job recently . Now can I with draw only PF part by keeping Pension contribution? If so Do I get pension ?


    • Yes, you will get a pension after 58 years of your age. If you again join in any new job then continue the same UAN and transfer the pension amount to the new PF account.
      If you do not want to join in any new job then apply for a PF scheme certificate and keep it with you. After 58 submit it to your PF office to get a monthly pension.

  2. I have received a message from EPFO to link Aadhar to UAN and if not seeded, we will not receive contribution w.e.f 01.06.2021.

    I have worked for 4 years and left my job in July 2018.

    1)Which contribution are they talking about?
    2)Will I be able to get back the contribution after I seed Aadhar with UAN? I mean will they just temporarily stop the contribution or permanently stop it?

  3. I have replied to the previous answer, but maybe it’s not getting posted.
    Alright. Thank you so much for the answers. I have some more queries, it would be great if you help me out in this.

    As I have stated already, I have worked for 4 years and left my job in July 2018.

    1)If I want to withdraw PF online, then will I need to call my employer and ask them beforehand about the process and then start with their permission?

    2)Can I withdraw PF without going to employer office and EPFO office, sitting at home and filling form online on my own? Or is it mandatory to go to employer office and EPFO office, even if we want to withdraw online?

    3)Suppose I don’t want to withdraw the PF amount since I am getting interest every year(and it is said that interest will be received upto 58 years of age), so in this case should I just link KYC, bank details with PF account and keep it ready for future? That means is it allowed to link KYC to PF account beforehand even if we don’t want to withdraw the PF?

    4)I checked on Internet that after submitting KYC, the employer will approve the documents, so do I need to contact and ask the employer to approve the documents?

    5)Mostly people say that always withdraw your PF amount as early as possible when you leave your job, because later the PF amount gets cut or the employer gives reasons of documents not found. Please clarify this.

    6)Does any amount get deducted as tax because of PAN card not submitted? What can be done then?

    7)Since I haven’t completed 10 years of service, will I still get the Pension amount? Because the PF passbook shows pension amount in it. And people also say that how come you will get pension if you haven’t been much senior and no one else has received it yet.

    8)Is there any official email or website of EPFO, where we can find answers to questions like these from official sources?

    • There is no need to call your employer to link KYC. Just update your bank details, Aadhar, and PAN in the UAN portal, they will get a notification in their employer PF portal. Most employers will check those notifications regularly and approve without any intimation from the employer.
      You can withdraw PF online without visiting your employer and PF office.
      Your service is less than 10 yrs so you can withdraw your total pension contributio also along with the PF amount.
      If you don’t want to keep your PF amount for such a long time then withdraw that amount and invest somewhere else.

  4. I have a query. I have worked for 4 years and left my job in July 2018.
    1)Till how many years I will receive interest?
    3)Till how many years I can keep my PF account without withdrawing PF amount?
    I haven’t completed 55 years of age and not claimed PF withdrawal.

    • You can keep it until you reach 58 years of your age and till then you will get the interest, but make sure your KYC and bank details are properly linked with your PF account, to avoid future PF withdrawal problems.

  5. Very well explained.
    I have a query. I have leaved one of my previous employment in July 2015 and started my own work. Now when I claimed for my EPF amount withdrawal it is being rejected as the employer has mentioned the exit date as Nov-2017.
    I tried to approach that employer for the correction but did not received any positive response. What are the ways for me now.


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