Will Private Company Employees Get Salary During Lockdown of 21 Days in India

As we all know entire India is now in Lockdown due to pandemic created by Corona disease, most employers have shut down their companies and employees are not allowing to come to the work. This situation will continue up to 14 April 2020. But here the question is whether the private companies pay salaries to their employees or not?

Will private company
employees get salary
during lock down due to Corona

The labor department of India has requested the private and public sector establishments in India to pay the salaries and not to terminate the employees especially casual and contract workers.

But we have to wait and see how the private employers in India will react to this situation, big companies will always have some corpus fund to face this kind of situation. But some small and mid-sized companies will definitely face a problem in paying salaries to their employees.

If you are in a doubt whether your employer will pay your salary during this lockdown or not, then it depends on your employer and the effect of this lockdown on their business. Most employers will pay salaries to their employees, but it may take some time when compared to regular salary disbursement date. ( maybe a few days)

  • Recently honorable central finance minister Nirmala Sita Raman has also announced that the central govt will pay EPF contributions of both employees and employers, for the next three months if the total no of employees in that company is above 100 and if 90% employees salaries are below 15000 Rs.
  • EPFO has also provided a facility to withdraw 75% of advance PF amount or 3 months wages whichever is lesser.

Hoping that every employer will understand the present situation and don’t trouble their employees.

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