Wipro HR Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced in 2023

If you are attending a job interview in Wipro, you should face a set of common HR round interview questions. If you are ready with the right answers, the chances of getting the job will increase. Here you can find some most common HR round questions asked in Wipro job interviews.

You can also download them in PDF format for practice.

(Wipro is one of the leading multinational IT companies in India. Wipro has more than 2,50,000 employees across 66 countries. Candidates prefer to get a job in Wipro due to the job security and career growth options. )

Wipro HR Interview Questions & Answers

1. Tell me about yourself which is not in your resume.

When the interviewer asks you to tell something which is not in your resume, you can tell about your strengths (or) hobbies (or) why you want the job (or) your achievements.

Keep the answer simple and short, but don’t be silent without an answer. Say anything interesting about yourself. It doesn’t matter anything.

Answer 1: I have been volunteering for the smile foundation for the last 2 years. It gave me a sense of purpose and improved my social skills.

Answer 2: Sometimes I love solo traveling, it increases my self-confidence and gives me time to know about myself. I love exploring new cultures, and traveling helps me to do that.

2. What are your greatest strengths?

Answer 1: I am detail oriented and organized person which makes me pay close attention to minor details so that I can catch mistakes, errors and in very less time. Being organized saves my time and improves my productivity.

Answer 2: I am a fast learner and hard working person. I can absorb new information quickly and can solve any problem efficiently in less time.

3. What are your most significant Weaknesses?

Answer 1: I can say public speaking is my weakness. I don’t have any problem speaking with small groups, but on big stages I get nervous. I am trying to overcome this problem by reading books and taking courses.

Answer 2: I am a perfectionist and I myself set high standards for my work. Sometimes it makes me work too hard on myself irrespective of time and sleep, and it affects my health.

4. Why Wipro should hire you:

Answer 1: I believe I am qualified and experienced for this position. I am also a quick learner and adaptable, which makes me quickly adapt to your work environment, and want to contribute to the development of your organization.

Answer 2: During all these years, I have trained myself by acquiring knowledge and skills related to this type of job. And my strong communication skills will also make me a great team player. I want to use all of this and become a valuable part of your business.

5. Why do you want to join Wipro?

Wipro is a high-performance organization and leading technology and consultancy firm backed up by committed leadership. I strongly believe Wipro is the right platform to showcase my knowledge and skills and also to advance in my career.

6. Tell me about the skills which are required for this position

Answer 1: I have hands-on experience in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap. I am also good at problem-solving and analytical skills as well.

Answer 2: I possess suitable skills for this role such as effective communication, decision-making, execution for excellence, problem-solving, and collaborative work to achieve any goal by working in teams.

7. Are you comfortable working in a team?

Yes, I am conformable working in teams. I love enjoying working in a team environment because it helps in creative thinking and improves productivity as well.

8. In what areas do you need to improve your skills?

Answer 1: I am trying to improve my leadership and delegation skills so that I can engage my team members to deliver better results efficiently.

Answer 2: I am trying to improve my critical thinking skills so that I can take better decisions in difficult situations.

9. Can you work under pressure and deal with deadlines?

I love to work under pressure and deadlines, It helps me to grow in my career and keeps me focused.

10. What is your biggest achievement?

Answer 1 (Experienced): Last year I have been awarded “Employee of the Year” which was the biggest achievement for me.

Answer 2 (Freshers): Coming from a middle-class family and finishing my B.Tech in a top university is the biggest achievement for me now.

Answer 3: I have been volunteering for …………… foundation for the last 3 years, and helping needy people and seeing the smiles on their faces is my biggest achievement.

11. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In the next 5 years, I want to see myself in a responsible position in my field of work with more skills and experience.

12. What are your short-term and long-term goals?

My short-term goal is to get a job in a reputed company like yours and improve my skills and gain experience.

My long-term goal is to reach a responsible position with more expertise and experience and want to become a valuable asset to the company where I work.

13. Are you comfortable working the night shift?

(Say a straight answer, whether you are willing to work night shifts or not)

Answer 1: Yes, I can do night shifts.

Answer 2: No, I cannot do night shifts. I tried night shifts but it affected my health. So I prefer to work day shifts only.

14. Are you ready to sign a bond?

Answer 1: Yes, I am ready to sign a bond, as it is my dream job in a reputed company.

Answer 2: No, I am not willing to sign a bond.

15. Do you have any questions for me?

Can I know how is my performance? If it is not satisfactory please let me know what I need to improve.


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