How To Withdraw PF Without Aadhaar Card Updation

There are so many EPF subscribers are asking a question that is aadhaar card mandatory for PF withdrawal. The main reason behind asking this question there are so many EPF contributors are struggling to link aadhaar card to PF account. Here you are going to learn about how to withdraw PF without aadhaar card updation with UAN number.

Recently EPFO ( Employee Provident Fund Organization) made it mandatory to link KYC details like aadhaar card, bank account number and PAN card with UAN  number.  If any one fails to link their KYC details with PF account then they can’t able to avail benefits like online PF withdrawal and PF withdrawal with out employer signature.

What Happens If Aaadhaar Card Not Linked With PF Account

If KYC are not linked with UAN number then it is not possible to withdraw PF amount with out employer signature.

Online PF withdrawal process also not works for EPF subscribers whose UAN number is not linked with aadhaar card. These are the main problems if your UAN number is not linked with PF account.

Do you think is it possible to withdraw PF without aadhaar card updation then the answer is  “Yes”. There is a way to withdraw PF without aadhaar card updation to UAN number.

How To Withdraw PF Without Aadhaar Card Updation

how to withdraw pf without aadhaar card

In order to claim PF without Aadhaar card updation , we need to submit EPF composite claim form non aadhaar to PF office. EPF composite claim form non aadhaar is a PF withdrawal form , which was replacement of PF form 19, 10 C and also PF form 31. After filling this form we need to take employer attestation and submit it to PF office. Along with this PF withdrawal form also submit a copy of aadhaar card xerox copy and bank passbook xerox copy or  cancelled cheque.( Cancel cheque must consists name of the claimant other wise submit bank passbook xerox copy to withdraw your PF amount)

↓  Download EPF Composite Claim Form Non AAdhaar

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Note : If your KYC are linked with your UAN number then you need to submit EPF composite claim form aadhaar to PF office.  The best part in this form is it doesn’t need your employer attestation


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  1. Hi,
    I have an issue with my EPF. My UAN account was never linked to my aadhar by my previous employer. I have now left India and I want to withdraw my PF but to request that my aadhar has to be linked to UAN by my employer. The problem arises with my name, my aadhar doesn’t have my middle name but my EPF/UAN has my middle name. Due to this discrepancy my employer is unable to link my aadhar to UAN. My phone number is also not linked to my aadhar and I am not in India so there is no way I can have my aadhar updated. Is there any way to request PF withdrawal without me having to visit India?
    Thank you for your response

  2. Dear sir ,
    I was working on one company till 2016.And the company went on NCLT .On that period my PF amount also not settled around one year. My aathar card is not able to link with my PF account , because EMPLOYER NOT AVAILABLE. Now website also not working due to aathar not enrolled.How can i withdrawal my PF amount

    • You need to visit your PF office and ask them to link your Aadhar by stating your reason.
      And better write a request letter aswell.

  3. Hi sir,

    I have problem for Aadhar card number. My Aadhar card number changed in EPF . Aadhar card fully changed in office my aadhar number EPF enter the other person aadhar card number. How to change the aadhar number in EPF . EPF website seach and enter the UAN number and Password and went to the KYC change aadhar number but no opposition the website. how to take the EPF amout claim .

    its pending with Employer. But now I’m unable to raise the claim for withdrawal in EPFO.
    Since the aadhar number total are different in Aadhar, Bank Account and Pan Card given aaddhar number same but EPF total are different. Please suggest what should I do.

    Thanking you,

    • You cannot change your Aadhar details in PF online, you need to submit a request letter to your PF office to change your Aadhar details in PF.

  4. Hi Sir,

    I have different problem with my name. My initial/Surname is creating the problem. As per PAN Card Name printed as S. Jagdishwar Naidu but on records it was Sanaka Jagdishwar Naidu. My Aadhar card also have same name Sanaka Jagdishwar Naidu, due to which I’m unable to make address correction. Hence I have made the correction in my Aadhar Card as S. Jagdishwar Naidu.

    Now actual problem started., In EPFO I also made the correction in my name and its pending with Employer. But now I’m unable to raise the claim for withdrawal in EPFO.
    Since the name are different in Aadhar, Bank Account and Pan Card.
    Please suggest what should I do.

    • Actually, it is better to keep your full name on Aadhar, but anyway you have changed it.
      Now request your employer to approve your name change request, your employer can easily do that in their employer PF portal.
      After your employer’s approval, it will be easily approved by the EPFO.
      When it comes to the bank account I think it is not a big problem. But with the recent update on the PF portal website if you face any problem then correct your name in your bank account as per your Aadhar.

    • Update your KYC like Aadhar and bank account details in UAN member portal. Then the request will be sent to your employer, even though the employee doesn’t resign still most employers approve KYC updation request.
      If your employer doesn’t approve then raise a grievance on PF grievance portal website.

  5. Hi

    I am able to update Aadhar KYC but my mobile number is not linked to Aadhar and so I am not receiving any OTP to proceed further for pf withdrawal.
    Can you please guide me here?

    • Without linking mobile number with Aadhar it is not possible to claim PF online. So better link your mobile number with aadhar in any of your nearest Aadhar enrollment centers.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I have an old pf account no. which were not linked with Aadhar card. I have submitted withdrawl form 2 times in my previous company but they have not processed. I have not much details accept my pf account no. What should i do. Need your suggestion.


  7. My Aadhar card has not linked with my mobile no. and while withdrawing PF through online I was asked to OTP which was sent my linked mobile no. with Aadhar. Please advise me.

  8. hi sir,
    I have moved from a private organisation to government organisation and I want to withdraw the full PF amount .I have done the Adhar updation and my kyc is activated state.Can I apply online to claim it sir please help me around,

    • Hi Solomon,
      If your bank account number is also linked and approved by your employer then you can claim your PF online.


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