Free Online Job Biodata Maker with Photo

If you are looking for a free online job biodata maker with a photo upload option, you can generate it easily using this job biodata maker application. Just enter the relevant information and download the filled biodata format in PDF.

Not all jobs require detailed resumes/curriculum vitae, some jobs need a simple biodata format. Whether you are a fresher or experienced you can create your own job biodata with photos using the below app.

Jobs where a Simple Job Biodata is Enough

  1. Data Entry Operator
  2. Driver
  3. Computer Operator
  4. Customer Service Representative
  5. Tele Caller
  6. Office Assistant
  7. Sales Man/Girl
  8. Receptionist
  9. Security Guard
  10. Waiter/Waitress
  11. Factory Worker
  12. Construction Worker

What is the Difference between biodata, Resume, and CV

Bodata is si the simple version of the resume. Whereas Resume and CV are more comprehensive. CV (curriculum vitae) is much more comprehensive than a resume.

Purpose: Job biodata is used for basic-level jobs, whereas a resume is used for all types of jobs. CV is used in academic and research kinds of jobs. You can use a simple biodata format for marriage purposes as well.

Length: A job biodata is a single-page document, a resume can have 1 to 2 pages, and a CV will have more than 2 pages.

Formatting: Biodata consists of basic details such as personal, educational, and experience. Whereas a resume has more details about. the candidate like job responsibilities in previous roles, skills, achievements, etc. In the CV you will see many more details like research, projects, publications etc

How to Make a Job Biodata

You can use the above application to make your biodata online with a photo, and you can also make a biodata in MS Word, download these sample biodata formats, and edit as per your requirements.

How to Send Job Biodata to Companies

You can submit a physical copy of the biodata directly to the companies or HR department, And you can also mail the softcopy to the companies.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am [Your name], sending my job application for the position of [job title], please contact me if there is any vacant position for my profile.
Kindly find the attached biodata format.

[Your name],
[Mobile number].

Marriage biodata formats in MS Word and PDF.

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