Proportion by which the Gratuity will be Shared Meaning

Proportion by which the Gratuity will be Shared

Gratuity proportion means the percentage of gratuity amount that the employee wants to distribute to nominees in case of his sudden death. For example, if you have registered your spouse and mother as nominees then you can allot 50% to your mother and 50% to … Read more

What is 15/26 in Gratuity Calculation

what is 15 26 in gratuity calculation

The formula to calculate the gratuity of an employee is (basic salary+DA /26) X 15 X No of years of service. Here 26 is the number of estimated working days in a month and 15 represents the 15 days salary in a month i.e half … Read more

How To Claim Gratuity After Resignation

How to Claim Gratuity After Resignation

Have you completed 5  years of service in your organization and are you in a plan to leave your organization then you can claim your gratuity amount. Here you can know complete details on how to claim gratuity after resignation. Claiming gratuity amount is a simple … Read more

How To Calculate Gratuity For Private Sector Employees

Gratuity is a retirement benefits scheme given to the employee who will complete minimum 5 years of service in an establishment. Gratuity act 1972 will be applicable for every organization which employs more than 10 employees. Here you can know complete details about payment of gratuity act … Read more