Latest Amendments in Labour Laws in India in 2019

Latest Amendments in Labour Laws in India in 2019

Labour Law Amendments February 2019 S no Labour Law Latest Amendment 1 Creche Facilities under maternity benefits act 2017 Advisories will be issued for state governments for strict monitoring of creche facilities. ( Under maternity benefits amendment act 2017 creche facilities are mandatory for establishments employing … Read more

Online EPF Registration For New Company [Start to Finish]

EPF Registration for New Company

At present online EPF registration for employer became simple and easier, there is no need to submit any document to the PF office. Now entire PF registration for the new company is happening through online. The central government of India has launched the Shram Suvidha … Read more

Maternity Leave Rules In India For Private Companies

Maternity Leave Rules In India For Private Companies: Every women employee will get 26 weeks of maternity leave for first two children, after that it will be 12 weeks. Even for mother who have surrogates will get 12 weeks of leave from the date of … Read more

Paternity Leave Rules In India Latest Information

There is a continuous discussion is going on providing paternity leaves to the male employees in private sector companies. But till now there is no improvement on those talks. Only central government employees are entitled to avail 15 days of paternity leave during confinement of their … Read more