Do We Get Salary in Notice Period

Do we get salary in notice period

Employees will get a salary during the notice period for each working day and eligible leave. The notice period is still considered regular employment, and all the benefits will be paid. However, the last month’s salary will be paid under full and final … Read more

Monthly EPF Wages on Joining Means

What is monthly EPF wages on joining

Monthly EPF wage means the eligible basic salary of the employee on which the PF contribution(12%) is calculated every month. EPF wages should be entered at the time of registering the employee in the EPF scheme, and it can be changed in the … Read more

Sandwich Leave Policy [Meaning & Rules]

Sandwich leaves

If you take leave before and after any holiday, that holiday will be treated as sandwich leave. It applies to Sundays and public holidays. To get a salary for that day, you have to use your leave balance like CL or EL. If … Read more