ESIC Contribution Rates 2019 Reduced to 4% and 1%

ESIC Contribution Rates reduced to 4% and 1%

Employee state insurance corporation has reduced the ESIC contribution rates to 4% (employer contribution) and 1%(employee contribution). Earlier ESIC has released a draft notification (proposal) regarding the amendment in the reduction of ESIC contribution rates on 15th Feb 2019. But now in ESIC 177th meeting held … Read more

How to Check ESIC Payment History

ESIC Payment History

Employers and ESIC members can check their ESIC payment history online easily at website. Every employee whose monthly gross salary is less than 21000 Rs needs to contribute 1.75% of gross salary towards ESIC and employer also needs to pay 4.75% of employee gross … Read more

How to Search ESIC Code by Company Name

ESIC Code Search by Company Name

ESIC members who have forgotten their ESIC numbers and who wants to know the ESIC code of their company can easily find their company ESIC code online. It will be useful when an ESIC member forgets his or her ESIC number and want to visit … Read more

Can We Check EPF Claim Status Without UAN Number

EPF Claim Status Without UAN Number

EPF members who have applied for PF claim can check their PF claim status at website. But for this EPF members need to enter their UAN number. But if you are looking to find your PF claim status without UAN number then at present it … Read more

Salary Slip of Karnataka Government Employees

Salary Slip of Karnataka Government Employees

There is not much difference in between salary slip formats of private sector employees and government sector employees, the only difference is we can find dearness allowances in pay slips of government employees. Dearness allowance is calculated on the percentage of basic pay + grade … Read more