Contract Employee Offer Letter Samples in India

Contract employee offer letter samples

Whenever you are hiring employees on a contract basis then you have to issue an offer letter to those employees. The offer letter should consist of the job positions, tenure of the work, and salary details. While preparing the offer letter it is important to … Read More

Salary Annexure Formats in Word & Excel | Download

Salary Annexure Format

Salary annexure is also known as salary break up format. Salary annexure is used to know the CTC of the employees.  By seeing the annexure we can know how much a company is spending on that particular employee. Salary annexure format consists of the benefits … Read More

Sample EPF Complaint Letter Formats

EPF complaint letter format

Whenever you have any problem related to PF then you need to send a complaint to your PF office through the EPF grievance portal (or) sometimes you have to submit the complaint letter directly to the PF office. EPF members generally complain about unsettled PF … Read More

Salary Revision Letter Formats in Word | Download

Salary revision letter format in Word

A salary revision letter is issued by the employer to the employee whenever the company approves salary increments (or) makes changes to the existing salary structure of employees. It consists of the percentage of the increment that the employee got approved.  Employees can also make … Read More