Internship Cover Letter Templates (Free Download)

Internship cover letters

A good cover letter will separate you from the rest of the candidates. A cover letter provides a quick overview of your qualifications and skills. Most recruiters prefer to read the cover letters before verifying the resumes. An effective cover … Read more

Subject Lines for Resignation Letter to Manager

Resignation Email Subject lines

The subject line of your resignation letter communicates your decision of resigning from your job to your HR or manager. Keep your subject line simple. It is better to include the job title and last working date in your resignation … Read more

What is Employee ID Number Format & How to Create

Employee ID number format

An employee number is a unique identifying number assigned to the employee. There is no fixed format for creating employee numbers. You can use all digits (or) a mix of alphabets and digits. E.g., 4565011 (or) HDFC0123. There is no … Read more

Subject Lines of Job Application Email [Examples]

Job application email subject lines

Recruiters receive hundreds of e-mails a day, and sometimes they don’t even check them unless there really is an urgent vacant position in the company. As a job seeker, you must do everything to get the attention of the recruiters … Read more