Warning Letter to Employee for Leave Without Permission

Warning letter for unauthorized absence

As per the company attendance policies being absent from work without a leave letter is an undisciplined act. Except in emergency cases, most of the time, the employers issue a warning letter to such employees asking for an explanation. If the employee repeatedly becomes absent … Read more

2-Page Resume Template Free Download in Word

2 page resume templates for freshers and experienced

There is nothing wrong in using 2-page resume formats for both freshers and experienced. Freshers who have multiple internships and project works can use 2-page resumes. Similarly experienced candidates who have multiple job experiences can fit their information into 2 pages. 2 Page Resume Templates … Read more

Personal Skills for Resume in Sentence Examples

Personal skills in resume in sentence

Describing personal skills in sentence form looks better in resumes. When one skill is combined with the other, it becomes more powerful. To write your skills in phrase form, you must know which skills to combine with which skill. Personal skills are soft skills that … Read more