Sample Letters of Recommendation for Student

Recommendation letters for students

Students need recommendation letters to apply for jobs, higher studies, and scholarships. Recommendation letters can be provided by teachers, professors, and employers. Recommendation letters can be of two types, 1. Academic recommendation letters and 2. Professional recommendation letters. An academic … Read more

KRA of Team Leader in BPO

KRAs of team leader in BPO

As a team leader in the BPO, knowing your KRAs (Key Responsibility Areas) and focusing on improving them will help you get promotion & salary hikes. A team leader who knows all his job responsibilities can quickly get the best … Read more

How to Acknowledge Interview Email [Examples]

How to acknowledge interview email

Whenever you receive an interview invitation from recruiters, it is better to confirm it without delay. Always feel free to acknowledge the interview invitation, even the recruiters will look forward to getting the replies from the candidates. If you are … Read more

Warning Letters for Careless in Work ( in Word Format)

Warning letter to employee for carelessness

Companies issue warning letters to employees who fail to follow their superiors’ instructions (or) company procedures. A warning letter is a formal way for the employer to notify the employees of their negligence in the workplace. If the employee does … Read more

Short Notice Resignation Letters in Word Format

Short notice resignation letters

Sometimes you have to resign from your job on short notice, for reasons like new career opportunities, personal reasons, relocation, etc. In these cases, you may use a simple letter of resignation seeking approval. Your letter of resignation should include … Read more

NOC Letter from Husband to Wife for Job

NOC from husband to wife for job

If you are looking for a NOC from your husband to get a job (or) Visa as per your country’s rules, download the sample NOCs in Word format and fill in your details. The NOC should be signed by your … Read more