Early Relieving Request Mail Samples from Notice Period

Early relieving email from notice period

If you want to be released early from your job i.e. before the stipulated notice period, you should submit a formal email or letter to your company’s manager or HR department. The email should clearly mention the last working date, reason, and your willingness to … Read more

Salary Slip for ₹18,000 per Month (Download)

Salary slip for 18000 (download)

For a salary of ₹18,000, you will receive an in-hand salary of ₹16,600 to ₹16,900 based upon how the basic wage is calculated. Generally, companies consider 40-50% of gross wages as basic wage. If your salary is mentioned as ₹18k CTC, you will receive less … Read more

What Are Your Strengths? Best Answers for Freshers

What are your strengths freshers answers for job interview

When attending an interview, you must prepare with at least 3 of your strengths and 1 or 2 weaknesses. Because what are your strengths and weaknesses? is the most commonly used interview question. The question looks simple but difficult to answer if you don’t prepare … Read more