How to Acknowledge Interview Email [Examples]

How to acknowledge interview email

Whenever you receive an interview invitation from recruiters, it is better to confirm it without delay. Always feel free to acknowledge the interview invitation, even the recruiters will look forward to getting the replies from the candidates. If you are not able to … Read more

Polite Job Offer Rejection Emails

Polite job offer rejection emails

If you want to reject a job offer, it is always preferable to keep the doors open, there can be an opportunity in the same company in the future. Companies do not think negatively even if you reject your current job offer, but … Read more

Notice Period During Probation [Rules]

Notice period during probation period in India rules

Generally, most companies follow a notice period of 1 week to 1 month during the probation of an employee. However, there are no specific rules for notice time during probation as per Indian labor laws. Companies can mention a maximum of 1 month … Read more

Personal Skills for Resume in Sentence Examples

Personal skills in resume in sentence

Describing personal skills in sentence form looks better in resumes. When one skill is combined with the other, it becomes more powerful. To write your skills in phrase form, you must know which skills to combine with which skill. Personal skills are soft … Read more