Subject Lines of Job Application Email [Examples]

Recruiters receive hundreds of e-mails a day, and sometimes they don’t even check them unless there really is an urgent vacant position in the company. As a job seeker, you must do everything to get the attention of the recruiters while sending your job application.

For that, you should include an attractive “job application subject line” in your email.

Keep the subject line of your email simple and slightly different from other emails.

Why Subject Line is Important When Sending a Resume

  1. Hiring managers are busy, they don’t check every job application mail they receive, and they open emails that have a good subject line with the right keywords.
  2. A good email subject line shows your ability for written communication.
  3. Subject lines increase the opening rate of your email.
  4. Due to the high competition in the job market, you should be creative in writing a subject line to grab the attention of the hiring managers.

Tips: How to Write an Effective Email Subject Line

  1. Keep it short and simple: The short email subject lines have quick attention and a higher opening rate. Limit your email subject line to less than 30-70 characters, the lesser is always better. As most recruiters view their emails on mobiles, it is better to keep the subject lines short.
  2. State the reason: You must include the “reason”, and “ position title” for which you are applying in the subject line. Ex: Job application- Sr. Software Developer.
    You can also include other details like your skills, experience, and referrals.
  3. Include Job Title: Your subject line should clearly indicate for which position, you are applying for the job. It helps recruiters to filter job applications.
  4. Mention Reference (if any): If you have any references, include the referee names in your subject line. Recruiters give preference to the candidates who are preferred by their close ones or colleagues.
    Ex: Job Application – Accounts Executive, Referred by [Referee Name]
  5. Avoid Using All Capital Letters: Typing the subject line in all caps makes it unprofessional and aggressive. Use capital letters in the first character of the sentence (or) words. Always remember that lowercase letters increase readability.
  6. Proof Read (Edit): Before sending your job application to the recruiters, review the entire email and make any edits if required.
    Proofreading helps you to clear any grammar & spelling mistakes in your email. If there are any unnecessary words are present, remove them from the subject line.

Email Subject Line Examples for Sending Resume

  1. Job application – Software Developer, Suresh Koduru.
  2. Application for Marketing Manager Job.
  3. Application for the position of Accountant: Gayatri Jain
  4. Sandeep job application for Software Engineer Job.
  5. Applying for HR Executive Job: Lavanya Ch.
  6. Looking for a Sales Manager job: 5 yrs experience.
  7. Science teacher job application: 3 yrs experience
  8. Lab technician resume – Raghuram.
  9. Applying for the Cashier job by Anuradha.
  10. Job application for any role: Girish, MBA.
  11. Job application: Driver, Srinivas
  12. Employment request: Anand Kumar, B.Sc Computers
  13. HR manager resume: Prasanth,5 yrs experience
  14. Java Developer Job application: Sravani Nadella
  15. Thank you – HR Executive Job application
  16. Job application: Jayanti, BBM
  17. Marketing job seeker: 2 yrs experience in automobiles
  18. Anirudh’s job application: Accounts Executive
  19. Ravi Kumar: [Python Developer Resume].
  20. Searching for Digital Marketing Job: SEO, SEM
  21. Seeking Sales Executive Job
  22. Resume: CA with 7 years of experience
  23. Accounts Executive job application: TDS, GST, Tally
  24. Graphic Designer Resume: Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw
  25. Resume: English Teacher 4 Years Exp in CBSE School
  26. Job application: Security Guard (Part-time)
  27. Content Writer Resume – Work from Home
  28. Cashier resume: Part-time
  29. Part-time courier delivery job application
  30. HR Internship Application | Karthik, MBA

Email Subject When Referred by Someone

  1. Referred by Srinivas: Sales Manager Job Application, Suresh
  2. Vinay’s Resume for the Accounts Executive job: Referred by Gayatri
  3. Application for Soft Developer Position: Referred by Lavanya G
  4. Social Teacher Job Application: Referred by Raghuram [English Teacher]
  5. Applying for Marketing Executive Position: Referred by Hareesh, Production Incharge

Email Subjects for Job Inquiry

  1. Enquiry about Software Engineer Position in Your Company
  2. Job inquiry for Marketing Manager Role – Avinash, 5 yrs experience
  3. Interested in SEO Expert Position in Your Company, Alekhya, BBA
  4. Science Teacher Position Job Enquiry
  5. Are there openings for MBA Passed Out students in your company?

Sample Email Message for Job Application

Email Format 1

Sub: Job application – Sales Executive, Suresh Koduru.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I heard that you are in need of Sales Executives. I am extremely interested and would like to apply for this position in your company.

I am a B.Com graduate seeking to pursue a career in Sales. I have strong communication and persuasive skills.

Please find attached my resume for further information about me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanking you.

Your name,
Contact no.

Email Format 2

Sub: Application for Accountant Role: Gopi N, 5 Yrs Experience.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to express my interest to apply for the position of Accountant in your organization. I have five years of accounting background.

I am currently working for the ABC Foundation for the last 2 years. I have hands-on experience in filing GST and TDS returns. I am thoroughly familiar with Tally ERP as well.

For better career opportunities and professional growth, I want to change my job.

My resume is attached and I look forward to your response.

Thanking you.

Your name,
Contact no.

Email Format 3

Sub: Science teacher job application: 3 yrs experience

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is Srivani, and I am writing to express my interest in applying for the vacant Science teacher position at your school. I have over 3 years of experience in teaching Science to students from grades 8 to 10.

I am presently working for Sri Vidya Nikethan for a year. As I seek out new challenges at work, I believe the Science teacher job in your school is a good opportunity for me.

I have attached my resume for your reference and hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely,
Srivani P,


1. Why subject line is used in email?

It helps the recipient easily find out what is the email about.

2. How should I apply for a job via email?

Write a good subject line, mention your qualification, skills, and experience in the body of the e-mail, attach your resume, and send it to employers.

3. What is the best way to apply for jobs?

Using job portals like Naukri, LinkedIn Indeed, and networking are the best ways to find jobs.

4. What happens if I send an email without a subject line to HR?

It seems unprofessional and hiring managers may not consider your job application.


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