Aadhaar Card Name Correction Process Online

how to change name on aadhaar card online

Do you want to know how to change name on Aadhaar card online easily, then here you can find complete details on Aadhaar Card name correction process online. There are so many people are telling that their names are wrongly spelled in Aadhaar … Read more

Bonus Calculation Format Excel Sheet 2018 With Formula

Bonus Act Applicability: Payment of bonus act 1965 will be applicable to entire India where an organization employs a minimum of 10 employees with aid of power and organizations which employs a minimum of  20 employees without the aid of power. Here you … Read more

Simple Recruitment Process Flowchart

simple recruitment process flow chart

Recruitment Process Flowchart : Recruitment is a key factor for success of every organization, selection of right candidate for right job is always an important task for HR professionals. Recruitment is one of the common role performed by every HR professional. Here you … Read more

How To Convert Notepad To Excel With Columns

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Gross Salary Net Salary Difference And CTC

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