Simple Salary Slip Format For Small Organisation

A simple salary slip format for small organizations should consist of the number of working days of the employee, gross salary of the employee, and salary breakup details and deductions, and finally net salary of the employee for that particular wage month.

What Details Should Present on Salary Slip

Salary slip consists of details like employee name, employee id, bank name, bank account number, date of joining, department, designation, total days, loss of paydays (LOP), present days, arrear days, earnings like basic salary, house rent allowance(HRA), conveyance allowances (CA), deductions like PF, ESI, PT, and net pay. Some payslips consist of leave details also.

Simple Salary Slip Format For Small Organisation

(Just enter your monthly gross wage and no. of days in the month & working days in this salary slip and remaining details will be calculated as per the latest statutory rules)

You can calculate your salary breakup by using above sample salary slip format in excel sheet.

Salary Breakup Structure

Basic SalaryMinimum Wage or 40-50% Of Gross Salary
House Rent Allowance (HRA)20% Of Gross Salary
Conveyance Allowance (CA)1600 Rs
Other AllowancesGross Salary – ( Basic + HRA + DA )
PF12% Of Employee Basic Salary
ESI0.75% Of Employee Gross Salary
Professional TaxProfessional tax varies in each state.

The above is a simple salary slip format for small organizations, which will be useful to prepare salary slip formats for various organizations. Payslips formats vary from one organization to another organization but the components are the same.

Nowadays employers are using payroll software that will generate pay slip pdf files automatically along with monthly salary statements.

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