Paternity Leave Application Samples to HR

Paternity leave applications

Paternity leave is essential for every new father. If the company gives paternity leave then the male employee can take care of his wife and newborn child. Paternity leave is not mandatory like maternity leave. The number of companies providing paternity leave is … Read more

How to Write Absconding Mail to HR

How to write absconding mail to HR

Absconding is when an employee exits the job without notifying the employer. Even if you decide to abscond, writing an email to HR is still advisable to avoid any future issues. When writing the email, try using ‘immediate resignation’ instead of ‘absconding’. Below … Read more

Salary Certificate Formats UAE in Word [Free Download ]

UAE Salary certificate format in Word

If you are employed in UAE, the salary slip is the proof of your employment and income. You can get your salary certificate from your employer. It consists of details about your company name, designation, total salary, earnings, and deductions. UAE employees need … Read more

10+ Job Offer Letter Acceptance Reply Email Samples

Job offer acceptance reply emails

When you receive a job offer you should respond to it within 2 or 3 days. You should acknowledge a job offer by writing an acceptance email. It shows your professionalism and confirms your joining date. It is an important step when entering … Read more