Rules Of Compensation For Termination Of Employment In India

Compensation For Termination Of Employment In India: Nowadays it has become common that there are so many private organizations are terminating their employees due to various reasons like company layoffs, termination based on employee performance and also on disciplinary grounds. Before terminating an employee, the employer has to consider some points so that the termination… Read More »

Minimum Wages In Maharashtra 2018 || Maharashtra Minimum Wages 2018

Find minimum wages in Maharashtra 2018 as per the latest and revised Maharashtra minimum wages notification 2018.  These revised Maharashtra minimum wages in 2018 will be effective from 1 January 2018 to 30 June 2018. After June 2018 new minimum wages notification will be released by Maharashtra government. The minimum wages in Maharashtra varies based… Read More »

What Is The Disciplinary Action Against Absconding Employee

It is common in every organization that some employees will abscond from their work without intimating the employers. There may be so many reasons behind employee absconding.  The reasons may include the uninterest of employee to do the job, not liking the working culture of the organization or fear of employee to tell the employer… Read More »