Service Overlap in PF Solution

If an employee contributes PF in two companies in the same period, it will be considered as a service overlap. You can resolve this issue if you know the reason. There are 2 reasons for this 1. Wrong date of joining or date of exit 2. Employees worked in two companies at the same time (Dual Employment).

If your PF claim gets rejected, immediately check your service history on the UAN member portal website, and check the date of joining and date of exit of all the companies in which you worked. If anything is wrong with it you have to correct it by submitting a joint declaration formation.

If the date of joining and the date of exit is correct, but you made PF contributions in two companies at the same time, then you have to merge two PF accounts i.e. PF transfer. You cannot do a PF transfer online in case of service overlap, you have to do this offline at your PF branch office.

1. Service Overlap in PF Solution in Case of Wrong Date of Joining or Exit

By mistake if your employer updates the wrong date of joining or date of exit, then you will face a PF service overlap problem during PF withdrawals and transfers. To solve this problem, you should correct the wrong details.

Step 1: Download the PF joint declaration form.

Step 2: Fill out the joint declaration form, Fill in the details that you want to correct. In this case the wrong date of joining or exit. (See the below sample image to know how to fill out the PF joint declaration form).

Service overlap issue in PF

Step 3: Now sign the document and take your employer’s signature and seal as well.

Step 4: Now submit this joint declaration form to your EPF regional office. Within 7-10 days your wrong details in EPF will be correct. You can check it on the UAN portal service history.

2. Service Overlap in PF Solution in Case of Dual Employment

If PF service overlap is due to dual employment, then you have to write a clarification letter to the EPFO office, and you have to apply for PF transfer offline by submitting PF transfer form 13 to your EPF regional office.

Once the EPFO officer accepts your request, within 20 days your PF accounts will be merged, then you can withdraw your EPF amounts.


The Employee Provident Fund Organization,
Andhra Pradesh 530045.

Vinay Koduru,
XYZ Private Ltd,
UAN: 10090XXXX75,
PF No: GRVSP00745XXXX0000123.

Sib: Dual employment clarification for service overlap.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am writing to inform you that my EPF advance claim was rejected due to service overlap. I have 15 days of service overlap in two companies. After leaving my first company ABC Pvt Ltd on 15 Mar 2024, I joined on XYZ Pvt Ltd on 16 Mar 2024.

But in my first company ABC Pvt Ltd, the PF was contributed up to 30 Mar 2024 along with my salary. As I have not intimated them about my resignation. I got a salary by availing my leave.

At the same time, my current company XYZ Pvt Ltd started making PF contributions on 16 Mar 2024. So the PF contribution was made in two PF accounts at the same time.

So please resolve my issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Thanking you.

Your signature,
Mobile no.

(If the problem is due to the employers mistake, then both companies need to write a clarifcaiton letter on their letter head to the EPFO by stating the reason for PF service overlap.


1. What is service overlap in PF

When a PF contribution is made from two separate EPF accounts of the same member at the same time called a service overlap.

2. Can I have two PF accounts at the same time?

No, EPFO will not allow two PF accounts at the same time. It causes problems with EPF transfers, withdrawals, and pension-related issues.

3. How can I correct my EPF service overlap?

You have to correct the wrong DOJ or DOE if that is the problem. If the reason is dual employment you have to clarify/justify the reason through a letter.


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