Employee Register Form A Complete Details

Have you all known that the government of India is going to reduce the number of registers from 56 to 5. Which makes running business very easy and reduces the burden of employers. Here you are going to find the format of employee register Form A which is going to be introduced by Govt of India. This format will be available for download in Shram Suvidha Portal very Soon.

Employee Register Form A

The Employee Register form  A contains Two parts , they are part A and part B.

Part A will apply for all establishments and part B will apply for establishments under Mines Act 1952.

Form A Employee Register |Part A

employee register form A

The new format of employee register form A  part A consists fields like Sl. No. Employee Code,  Name, Surname, Gender Father’s/Spouse Name, Date of Birth,  Nationality, Education Level, Date of Joining,  Designation etc . Which includes total 31 fields which you can find in below picture.

In case of employees whose age is between 14- 18 years , employers need to mention the nature of work, daily hours of work and intervals of rest in the remarks column.

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Form A Employee Register|Part B – For Mines Act 1952

Part B Consists 15 fields which are applicable for establishments under Mines Act 1952.

employee register form A

This is really great step taken by Indian Govt, now employers don’t need to maintain number of registers . In this new format of employee register entire information of employee will be available.


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