How to Cancel Online PF Withdrawal or Transfer or Advance Claim Request

Till now there is no direct online provision to cancel PF withdrawal or transfer requests, but you can try by raising a request on EPF grievance portal to cancel your PF claim request (or) you need to contact your EPF regional office.

Here is the step by step process on how to cancel PF claim request on EPF grievance portal.

How to Cancel Online PF Withdrawal or Transfer or Advance Claim Request

Step 1:- Go to EPF grievance portal and click on register a grievance. Now enter your UAN number and type the security code. Now click on get details option and again click on get OTP. Now an OTP will send to your EPF registered mobile number.  Now enter that OTP.

How to Cancel Online PF Withdrawal Request

Step 2:- Now select your gender, country, state and again enter the security code. After selecting all the details click on your PF member id.

How to Cancel Online PF Withdrawal or Transfer or Advance Claim Request

Step 3:- Now a popup window will open, there enter your PF account number and select grievance related to as PF office and grievance category as final PF withdrawal and type the below message in the description box and finally click on Add.

“Dear EPFO team,
I have applied for online PF withdrawal at UAN member portal on 01 July 2019, but due to some problems I want to cancel the claim, but I did not find any option to do that.
So I am requesting you to please cancel my online claim request.”

How to Cancel Online PF Withdrawal or Transfer or Advance Claim Request

Step 4:-  Now your grievance will appear under grievance details, if you want to edit or delete you can do here, if everything is fine then click on submit.

How to cancel pf claim request

This is the only possible way to request your EPFO office to cancel your claim request. Do share your experience on canceling online PF claim requests in below comments section.

43 thoughts on “How to Cancel Online PF Withdrawal or Transfer or Advance Claim Request”

  1. Has anybody ever received a proper resolution, that is , their online claims were cancelled on request ? I filed an online EPF Form 19 withdrawal claim instead of EPF Form 31 for PF advance as I am unemployed since the past 18 months. I wanted to avail of EPF advance for unemployment more than 2 months.

    Following the advice on this portal, I tried to file a grievance on the portal but did not receive any OTP despite multiple attempts. So I tried to register the grievance through the UMANG app on my mobile which provides the same services and I successfully lodged the grievance. The status check in app even shows the name of the person who is handling your case. I will post my progress here so that others facing the same problem do not have to go through this ordeal.

  2. Hi
    I forgot to upload form 15 g so wanted to cancel since my pf is greater than 50 k less than 5 years so have aplied for cancellation as you informed how long it take for them to cancel so that I could re apply

  3. SIR

    So please tell me how much time take to solve this

  4. Hello Sir

    I done mistake is I want to my Old pf account in Present pf Account but I selected previous Employer instead of presnet Employe at the time of Transfer claim so form 13 generated and make a sign of previous sign instead of Present so How can i cancel my This transfer Request and generte new request of present employer

    • If your previous employer is operating now, then they will approve it. In case they don’t approve within 15 days then intimate them or raise a complaint on PF grievance portal.

  5. Dear Sir,

    Request you to please let us know the process of cancellation of wrongly PF transfer request.
    How we can cancel the request if already made a wrong request online

  6. Dear sir

    I want to know whether employee left the organization for going abroad. can he claim online pf withdrawal without wait of 2 month period? if yes how ?

    as online its say to wait 2 month. if can file offline claim then which document to submit along with that?

    kindly guide on this matter.


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