Job Description Of Cashier In Restaurant & Hotels

Are you looking for the job description of cashier in restaurant then here you can find complete details on restaurant cashier job description and duties of cashier in restaurant. Cashier job is somewhat difficult because their jobs are mostly associated with transactions. So whenever a person applies for a cashier job then the interviewer will check how much that person is capable to do daily money transactions. So before attending for the interview, the candidate must know what are the duties that a cashier has to perform and those duties may vary from one industry to another industry. Here we have a job description of cashier in restaurant.

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Job Description Of Cashier In Restaurant:

Counting money in the cash drawers before starting work and also counting the closing cash after completion of work.

Receiving payments from the customers by cash, debit cards, credit cards and payment wallets

Preparing the bills by entering all the ordered food items along with taxes.

Issuing money to the purchasing department as per the directions of account department and cross-checking all the bills submitted by purchase department.

Visiting banks and withdrawing money for daily needs of the restaurant and at the same time depositing daily collected money into the organization’s bank account.

Making up to date entries in the system and preparing all the records of money transactions.

Coordinating with accounts department by timely submitting vouchers and other bills.

Ensuring whether all the restaurant bills such as rental bills, electricity bills are paid at right time or not. If they are not paid then intimating the respective department.

Timely monitoring of menu cards to ensure the updated price rates of food items.

Answering the queries of customers about bills and other tax details.

The above are some important points of the job description of cashier in the restaurant.

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