Sample Follow-up Emails After Interview (10+Templates)

Follow up emails after interview

After completing a direct or telephonic interview you can contact the hiring manager regarding the status of your job, there is nothing wrong with it. You can send a follow-up email after 1-2 days from the date of the interview. It is better to send … Read more

Sandwich Leave Policy [Meaning & Rules]

Sandwich leaves

When an employee takes leave of two days or more and a holiday falls in between, then that holiday is considered paid leave under the sandwich leave policy. For example, if an employee takes two days of leave on Saturday and Monday, then the middle … Read more

How to Ask for Joining Bonus in Mail

Joining bonus email formats

You should ask for the joining bonus before accepting the job offer so that you have a chance to negotiate. Once you accept the job offer then you cannot demand it. Here are some joining bonus request mail formats which can be useful to you. … Read more