Professional Tax Slab In Telangana 2019 | Due Date

Professional Tax Slab In Telangana

The professional tax in Telangana is applicable under the provisions of  Telangana professional tax act 1987. Here are the latest Telangana professional tax slab rates as per the Telangana tax on profession, trades, callings and employment act 1987 for the year 2019 and also find … Read more

Latest Amendments in Labour Laws in India in 2019

Latest Amendments in Labour Laws in India in 2019

Labour Law Amendments February 2019 S no Labour Law Latest Amendment 1 Creche Facilities under maternity benefits act 2017 Advisories will be issued for state governments for strict monitoring of creche facilities. ( Under maternity benefits amendment act 2017 creche facilities are mandatory for establishments employing … Read more

How to Resolve Error! UAN Password not Available

Error! UAN Password not Available

EPF members can use their 12 digit UAN number for various online facilities of EPF such as online PF transfer, online PF withdrawal and to view their PF passbook at website. But for some employees whenever they are trying to login with their UAN … Read more

ESIC Number Search by Name 2019 | Find ESI Number Online

How to find ESIC number online

Have you forgot your ESIC number and want to know how to find your lost ESIC number online? ESIC is providing so many online services but unfortunately, ESIC hasn’t provided any provision for the employee i.e ESIC member to find their ESIC IP number online. … Read more

Valid EPF UAN Password Example

UAN Password Example

EPF members who are trying to login at UAN member portal or who want to download their PF passbook need to enter their UAN number and password. Every EPF member needs to verify their UAN number at the UAN portal, during the verification process they … Read more