What is Bonus Form D & How to Fill it

What is Bonus Form D: Employers use Bonus form D to make annual returns for the bonus payments made to the employees for the accounting year. Every year employers should need to make the bonus payment within 8 months from the date of closure of accounts i.e 31st March. After paying all the bonus dues to the employees, employer has to submit form D to the labour office. Download Bonus Form D

When to Submit Bonus Form D

Employers need to submit this form to their respective labour department office on or before 1st February after completion of each accounting year.

Sample Filled Bonus Form D

How to Fill Bonus Form D

How to Fill Bonus Form D

Bonus form D is a single page form, consists of 5 fields, and details of bonus payment.

  1. Name of the establishment and address.
  2. Nature of the industry.
  3. Name of the employer.
  4. Total no of employees.
  5. No of employees, to whom bonus paid.

After filling the above details now we need to fill the details of bonus paid.

1) Total Payable Bonus Under Sec 10 or 11
of Bonus Payment Act 1965
Minimum 8.33% to maximum 20% of Bonus
2) The settlement, if any reached under Sec 18
(1) or 12 (3) of the Industrial Disputes Act.
1947 with date
In case employees and employer agree for
any settlement other than above-stipulated bonus
then mention those details with the settled date.
3) Percentage of Bonus Declared Declared Bonus percentage minimum 8.33%
Maximum 20 %
4) Total amount of bonus paid Mention total amount of bonus paid for that year.
5) Date on which bonus paid Bonus paid date for employees.
6) Whether bonus paid for all employees or not If not paid to some employees then mention the
7) Remarks _

How to Write Covering Letter for Bonus Form D

Sub: Bonus Annual Returns Form – D Submission

Dear Sir,

We the ABC foundation has paid the bonus to our employees on 20 October 2018, here we are submitting annual returns of bonus form D for the accounting year 2018-19. Please find the enclosed form D bonus document and please acknowledge it.

Thanking you.

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