Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship Internshala Answers

This is one of the most important and commons questions asked to the candidates while interviewing for the internship program. When it comes to internship Internshala is one of the best platforms in India to convert your passion into a career. Whenever a candidate applies for an internship through Internshala then he will definitely face the question of why should you be hired for this internship?

This question sounds simple but plays a crucial role in taking the hiring decision of the interviewer.  A good answer to this question separates you from the other candidates and gives a positive impact to the interviewer about you.

The candidates who prepare well before the interview can able to answer this question effectively.

Answer 1

When I have seen your internship offer in Internshala I felt that the job responsibilities which you mentioned there are most suitable for me. I have so much of fundamental knowledge in this field which I want to implement practically.  

I have done thorough research about your company and I felt that this is the best place to enhance my skills and practical knowledge. And I am sure that my passion for this field is my distinct advantage.

Answer 2

I am going to finish my final semester of final year graduation and I am looking for the best opportunity to gain practical knowledge in my field of education. And I think this is that opportunity for me.

I have heard a lot about your organization and I have all the required skills which you are looking for and I am a quick learner which makes me learn things fast and I am sure I will give my best out of me to this job.

Answer 3

I have been looking for this kind of opportunity while I was in college. I think this is the right opportunity for me to utilize my skills and knowledge. I hope my innovative and creative ideas will help you.

I have all the relevant skills and knowledge for this internship program but I need an opportunity to prove my self.  If I get this opportunity then it is a kind of dream come true situation for me.

Answer 4

I always enthusiastic to learn new technologies and trends in my field and that is the reason which made me learn so many things which are out of my academics. I have read all the requirements which have mentioned and I am sure that I will be the best fit to fulfill those responsibilities effectively.

I am dedicated and I will own the goals of the company as mine and I will put my whole efforts to achieve them.

Answer 5

Working with an esteemed organization like you will help me in my further career by honing my skills and knowledge. I have all the required academic qualifications and skill set to fulfill this job.

I am good at communication skills and I am a good team player also. I have basic knowledge about this project and I am sure which saves your time in my training process. If you are looking for the desirable candidate for this project then I am sure I will be the best fit for this project.

Answer 6: (Why Should I Hire You – For Web Development)

As a fresher I am starting stage of my career and I’m looking for an opportunity where I can gain practical knowledge in web development. I have all the basic knowledge of web development and I keep on updating with the latest trends and technologies in this field.

Along with web development skills I had good communication skills which will help me to deal with your clients effectively.

Answer 7: (Why Should You Be Hired – For Digital Marketing)

For me, digital marketing is a passion, I have never treated this as just a profession.  I had expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing.  

And I also had knowledge of on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and link building. But I am looking for an opportunity to show my abilities and skills and I hope this is the right opportunity for me.

Answer 8: Why Should You Be Hired – Finance

I know how big the opportunity is this is for a fresher like me but I am sure that I had all the respective academic qualifications, skills, and knowledge to grab this opportunity. I had my finance socialization in my graduation with an above 80% score.  More than marks I had so much exposure to this field by reading so many books other than my academics.

I know how important this department is in every organization and I promise that I can give my best for this internship program.

Answer 9: Why Should I  Hire You – Marketing

From my childhood onwards I am an extrovert in nature and I love to talk with the people and I can study what others are expecting from me. And I think this is the basic requirement for a marketing person. And at the same time, I have good communication skills and I can speak three languages.

As fresher like me working with a firm like you gives so much exposure to this field and once I get the opportunity I am sure that I will not let you down.

Answer 10: Why Should You be Hired – NGO

My priority is always towards working for the poor and environment rather than a 9-5 regular job. Working for an NGO like you will give an opportunity to give back something to society from my side and this gives me more satisfaction. As an individual, I had some limits but as a team, with you, I can help more.

From my school days onwards I am active in social activities and I am hoping that I can improve my leadership skills by working with a firm like you.

About Internshala?

Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship Internshala Answers

Internshala is India’s largest internship and training platform with more than 40000 paid internships in various streams like computer science, electronics, mechanical, civil, marketing, chemical, finance etc..

  • Nowadays companies are preferring to hire the candidate through internship programs before the actual hiring process.  
  • Even AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has signed MOUs with Internshala to help the students in getting internship opportunities.
  • Internshala acts as a bridge between the students and employers, most employers prefer Internshala as the best way to hire the candidates and 40% of the interns are getting preplacement offers.
  • Here I have listed some best answers to question why should you be hired for this internship especially when you are interviewing through Internshala.

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