Proportion by which the Gratuity will be Shared Meaning

Gratuity proportion means the percentage of gratuity amount that the employee wants to distribute to nominees in case of his sudden death. For example, if you have registered your spouse and mother as nominees then you can allot 50% to your mother and 50% to your spouse in case of your sudden death.

There is no fixed percentage for gratuity proportion, you can share as per your wish. You can share it in 70:30 ratio, (or) 60:40 ratio, (or) 30:70 (or) 80:20  ratio, etc..

If you registered only one nominee then you can mention the gratuity proportion as 100%. 

If unfortunately, the employee dies then the gratuity amount will be paid to the nominees as per the gratuity proportion mentioned in the gratuity registration form F.

How to Mention Gratuity Proportion

Gratuity proportion should be mentioned in employee gratuity registration form F. It will be given by the employer to the employee during the joining time of the employee.

On this form under the nominees section you have to mention the gratuity proportion details.

Gratuity Proportion Meaning

Know How to fill gratuity form F.

Who can be nominated for Gratuity

Employees can nominate any of their family members as nominees in the Gratuity scheme, outside family members will not be considered as nominees.

You can register more than one family member as nominees. In case if you don’t have any family while registering for gratuity then you can add nominees whenever you wish to add.

You can change or alter nominees in the gratuity scheme whenever you want, for that you need to provide a fresh gratuity registration form to your employer, And employers should keep a record of all gratuity registration forms of their employees.

How can Nominees Claim Gratuity

Nominees should need to fill and submit a form called Form J ( Application for Gratuity Withdrawal by nominee) to the employer of the deceased employee. If the deceased employee registers multiple nominees then each nominee should need to fill this form separately.

Along with this form, every nominee should attach a copy of their ID proof, address proofbank passbook copy or cancelled cheque.

Once all the required documents are submitted then the gratuity amount will be distributed to the nominees as per the prescribed proportion mentioned by the employee.


Can nominees get gratuity if the employee dies before 5 yrs of service?

Yes, in case of the death of the employee the nominees can claim for gratuity even before 5 years of the service of the member.

How much gratuity will the nominees get?

The gratuity can be calculated by using this formula 

(Basic salary /26) x 15 x no of years of service.

What is the basic salary in the gratuity calculation formula ?

The basic salary means the last drawn basic wage by the employee.

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