Notice for Holiday on Election Day in India to Employees

Participating in elections i.e casting votes is the most important responsibility for every citizen of India. So on the day of elections, whether it is for assembly or parliament, it should be declared as a public holiday. Every employer must allow their employees to cast their vote on election day. Here are some election holiday notice and email formats which employers can share with their employees to declare holiday on election day.

Election Holiday Notice to Employees

This is to inform all the employees of _________________(company name) on the account of elections to the parliament / assembly date on __________, it is declared as holidays.

We hope all the employees participate in the democratic process of elections by casting their votes.

For _______________(Company Name)

Signature with office seal.

Election Holiday Declaration Mail to Employees

Sub: Election Holiday on ________

On the account of elections to the parliament on __________ the management has declared holiday on _________to all the employees.

Kindly participate in the election process and cast your vote for a better future.



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