Third Party Payroll Is Good Or Bad For Employee Career In 2018

This is a common question that majority of employees will have in their mind that whether the Third party payroll is good or bad for employee career. Before going to know about advantages and disadvantages of Third party payroll of employees we have to think in Two ways, one is from employee side and another one is from the employer side. Employers will love to have Third payroll services because it saves so much time for them.

Third Party Payroll Is Good Or Bad For Employee Career

Even though Third party payroll services are costly still some employers will go with Third party payroll services because for them Time is more valuable than the money.

But when we think from employee side, when an employee is in Third party payroll then he always has a thought in mind that he is not a regular employee to that employer. So he always struggles to have a proper job security.

If You Ask Me Whether Third Party Payroll Is Good Or Bad For Employee Career

The answer depends upon the Third party employment company through which you are employed or which your employer is getting services. Nowadays it doesn’t matter whether you are employed in Third party payroll service or not. The only counts are your skills, experience and your last drawn salary.

Third party employment services are good for freshers who just came from universities. Because it is difficult to get a regular employment with no experience.

But when comes to experienced candidates they don’t love to employed through a Third party employment service.

There are some drawbacks with Third payroll services, and the main one is Followup. In majority cases, Third party payroll services will have their corporate offices far away from the organizations where their employees are working.

In all those cases employees will suffer to get payslips, to get provident fund claims etc. I have personally seen so many employees who have struggled a lot during their PF and F&F settlements.

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