ESIC Wage Ceiling From 15000 To 25000 Notification

There are so many queries and doubts that is there any notification of increasing ESIC wage ceiling from 15000 to 25000. As we all know that from 1 January 2017 the ESIC contribution salary is increased to 21000 Rs.  But after that there is no further step form Employee State Insurance Corporation to increase the salary threshold limit to 25000 Rs. So if you are also one of the persons who is looking for ESIC wage ceiling from 15000 to 25000 notification then the answer is till now there no such notification.

Story Behind ESIC Wage Ceiling From 15000 To 25000 Notification

There is no proper information regarding how the news came about the increase of ESIC wage limit to 25000 Rs from 21000 Rs. The ministry of Indian labour department has never given any clue about this.

What Happens If ESIC Wage Ceiling Increases To 25000:

If ESIC salary contribution is increased to 25000 Rs then the number of employees will be covered under ESI scheme will increase. But this may get opposed by some employees.

Because at present employees whose monthly gross salary is more than 21000 Rs are not covered by ESIC but the majority of them will be covered by other insurance schemes provided by their employers.

And when compared to ESIC the services provide by those insurance companies are somewhat better. So it will take some time to raise the ESIC threshold salary limit to 25000 Rs.

Finally, if you are looking for ESIC wage ceiling from 15000 to 25000 notification, then there is no such notification has released till now, if it will release then we will update here.

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