How to Transfer PF from One Company to Another Online By Using UAN

Employees who change their jobs either need to transfer their PF amount to the new PF account created by the new employer or they need to withdraw their PF amount. Hence employee provident fund scheme is a retirement benefits scheme so it is always better to transfer your PF amount from old PF account to new PF account.

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Why Employees Need to Transfer their PF Amount

  • PF is a retirement benefits scheme, so it will help you after your retirement i.e after 58 yrs of age.
  • By transferring your PF amount to new PF account your service period will continue, once your service period reaches 10 yrs then you will eligible for the monthly pension after retirement age.
  • The more amount you have in PF account the more interest you will get on your PF account. (EPF interest rate for the financial year 2018-19 is 8.55%)
  • You can avail PF amount for emergency purposes during medical cases or you can also avail loan facility from PF for various purposes like housing, marriage, education etc.

How to Transfer PF from One Company to Another

How to Transfer PF from One Company to Another Online By Using UAN

There are Two ways to transfer your PF amount from one company to another company. the first one is offline method by using PF transfer form 13 and the second one is the online method by using UAN number at UAN member portal.

1. How to Transfer PF Online using UAN

If you are looking for a simple method for PF transfer then using UAN number, every employee can transfer their PF amount easily from old employer to new employer

But to transfer your PF amount online using UAN your UAN number must be linked with your Aadhar number and bank account number. If they are not linked then link it with your UAN and tell your employer to approve them with their digital signature.

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Online PF Transfer Procedure

  1. Login to UAN member porta and select One Member One EPF Account (PF Transfer Request) in the menu bar.
  2. Now select the employer i.e either the previous employer or present employer through whom you want to proceed with PF transfer request.
  3. Now select your previous PF account details.
  4. Now click on get OTP option.
  5.  Now enter the OTP received to your mobile number linked to your UAN.
  6. Now you can track your claim status.

Here is the detailed process of online PF transfer

1. Go to UAN member portal and log in with your UAN number and password. And in the home page of UAN member portal go to menu bar and there select online services, from the drop-down menu select One Member One EPF Account(Transfer Request)

Transfer PF from One Company to Another Online

2. Now select the employer through whom you want to proceed with your PF transfer request. It is better to select the present employer so that it will become easy to track your PF transfer request.

If you select the present employer, then you can ask your present employer to approve online transfer request in their employer portal. You can also do this with the previous employer based on your availability.

How to transfer pf online using UAN

3. Now select your previous PF account details. If you have multiple PF account numbers then select all those PF account numbers. If you want to delete any of the PF account numbers then you can delete it.

How to transfer pf online using UAN

4. After selecting your previous PF account details now click on OTP, now a One Time Password will be sent to your registered mobile number, which was linked with your UAN number.

How to transfer pf online using UAN

5. Once you receive the OTP then enter it and click on submit. Thatsall your PF transfer request was completed, you can find the same message on your screen.

How to transfer pf online using UAN

2. How to Transfer PF by using PF Transfer Form 13

PF form 13 is known as PF transfer form. EPF members need to fill this form and submit it to the regional EPF office, once you submit this form to the regional EPF office then within 15-30 days your previous amount will be transferred to new PF account.

How to fill PF transfer form 13:

Required documents along with PF transfer form 13:

There is no need to submit any documents for offline PF transfer method. They just need to submit only PF transfer form 13 with employer attestation.

Previous Employer or Present Employer whose Attestation is Needed on PF Transfer Form 13:

EPF members can take either previous employer attestation or the present employer attestation on PF form 13. There is no problem whether you take the previous employer or present employer signature.

But in my opinion, it is better to take present employer attestation on PF transfer form.

How to Track PF Transfer Status

  • EPF members who have applied for PF transfer can track their PF claim status online at EPF claim status portal.
  • In the home page of PF claim status portal enter your UAN number and captcha appearing on the screen, after entering these details you are redirected to next page.
  • Here select your previous PF member id and find your PF claim status. Once your PF transfer request settled then you will find the below status in PF claim status portal…

How to Track PF Transfer Status

Role of Employers in Transferring PF Amount of Employee

  • As we discussed earlier employee need to choose previous employer or present employer to proceed with the PF transfer request.
  • Whenever an employee applies for PF transfer either in online or offline then the chosen employer will receive a message in their employer PF portal. If they approve it then it will be sent to the respective PF office.
  • If the employer doesn’t approve the PF transfer request then PF transfer will not complete.

Role of Employers in Transferring PF Amount of Employee from Old PF Account to New PF Account

What is Automatic PF Transfer

  • Automatic PF transfer means PF amount of EPF member will transfer automatically from previous PF account to new PF account of the EPF member.
  • This happens only when PF member IDs of the employee are linked with same UAN number. Even if all the PF accounts of EPF member are linked to same UAN still employees can stop Automatic PF transfer request by contacting their employer.
  • Because in employer PF portal there is an option to Stop PF Auto Transfer Request.

Automatic PF Transfer

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  1. Hi Sir,
    My PF Transfer claim rejected by below comments.
    Could you please tell me the process to submit claim with ANNEXURE K online.


  2. Hello Rajesh,
    My first employer was X Indian company till 2019 and then my second employer became Y but I didn’t transfer my PF to Y Indian Company till 2023. But now I am not living in India and shifted to other country. However, I have raised form 13 request online, but it required signature and submit to X Indian company. How can I proceed further. please guide me.

  3. Hello sir,

    i was working for a company for almost 9 yrs and moved on in Jan 2022. the new company dont have PF so i would like to claim my PF amount.

    Pls advised how can i claim my amount.


  4. Sir,
    I was employee of Wipro, I move to other company but old pf is with Wipro. Recently 1year back I came out from recent company.
    my query regarding my old pf is with Wipro,
    a) do I need to transfer pf to recent company? or
    b) can I withdraw pf amount from Wipro directly as I am not working currently ( more than a year)?

    Please let me know.

    • It is better to transfer your PF from the Wipro PF account to your current PF account.
      EPFO gives 8.50% interest which is better than FD and PPF investments, so I recommend you transfer it.
      And if your total service reaches above 10 yrs then you will become eligible for monthly pension as well, after 58 yrs of your age.

  5. I have recently switched jobs after a long tenure. Both the previous PF account and the new PF account are linked to one UAN and I can see the credit happening each month. I would like to know if I need to request transfer of balance from previous PF account to the new PF account so that I can see the consolidated balance. I tried to do it using the One Member – One PF option on the UAN website but I am getting the error message saying both the Previous and current PF accounts need to be different. Not sure of the way ahead. Can someone help?

  6. Hi Sir,

    I had 3 member IDs, belongs to the same Employer in the past. After clicking on get Details, I can only see only 1 available to raise transfer requests. How can I tranfer remining 2?


    • Try entering those PF member IDs manually while submitting PF transfer claims, but before that make sure that all your PF member IDS are showing under the service history of the UAN portal.

  7. Does the EPF field officer checks father’s name in PAN or in Aadhar during PF Transfer approval process?

    I am thinking to submit joint declaration for father’s name correction after transferring my PF?

  8. I am trying to transfer my PF amount from old UAN to Present UAN, but it says

    Online claim request cannot be processed as :-
    Present employer has not made payment in your PF account.

    So I am not able to transfer the OLD UAN PF amount to new UAN PF account.

    Please advise.

    • Wait until the first payment made by your present employer, once they pay your PF contribution then you can able to transfer it.
      In general, companies will pay the previous month’s PF contributions next month (on or before the 15th).

  9. hi Sir,

    i have requested for online transfer of previous PF money to current PF account. after few days i got a status as rejected by field officer. what is the reason for this. both accounts are in same UAN.

  10. Dear Sir,

    In case I am having two diff UAN in that case is it possible to transfer amount from 1 UAN to Another UAN.

  11. hi sir,
    iam trying to transfer my previous company PF account to present company, but account is not reflecting. I can download pf passbook.
    could you please help me what to do to reflect.

    • May be your details like your name, dob are not matching in both PF accounts, so once check them. If is there any such kind of problem then correct the wrong details or apply for PF transfer offline by submitting PF transfer form 13.

  12. Sir Recently I Transfer My Previous PF in To new company pf but pension amt not transfer in new company’s pf.Only Employee share and Employer share Transfer. Plz Help me out

    • Hi Ghanshyam Tiwari,
      During PF transfer only PF amount will transfer Pension amount will not transfer. This service period will be used during the monthly calculation of PF after 58 years of your age.

  13. Hi Team,

    I am now working with third employer, Here i would like transfer my PF from first employer to second employer, What is the procedure? Please advise.

  14. Hi,

    I have joined a new organisation, and i have quoted my existing UAN number(which has my previous employers’ PF account linked to it) to my new employers. Now i can see in the epfo website that my new employers have also created a new PF account and have linked it to my existing UAN itself. So now i can see 2 PF accounts under my UAN.
    So in this case do i need to raise an online request or will Automatic PF transfer happen here?


      • Hi Rajesh,

        even I have the same satiation, can you please advise what is employer attestation, give me with an example.

        I have worked for a company for 11 years and I joined my new company since 1 year I am working i have given my UAN number to my new company which is existing. and how can i withdraw my previous company pf amount and i am receiving msg every month only the present pf balance.

        please advise

  15. Hi Sir,
    One of the employee joined other company and provided UAN number ,under which he has been registered on epfo portal,

    In this case I need to submit from 13 to transfer my PF amount to new PF account.

    • Hi Praveen Kumar,
      Yes, you need to submit form 13, you can do it in online at UAN portal or submit form 13 to your new employer for offline transfer.

  16. yes, in that case comapny was different. but if suppose employee joins and resign , then after 2 -3 months same employee rejoin then in that case form 13 is need to be fill up or not???

  17. hello sir,

    One of the employee joined other company and provided UAN number ,under which he has been registered on epfo portal,

    now do i need to fill form 13 for earlier pf fund transfer to current pf number ?? as we have not generated another UAN no for him

    thanks & Regards

    • Hi Imran,
      He needs to fill PF form 13 to transfer his previous PF amount to new PF account. ( Here UAN number is but PF account numbers varies, so we need to fill PF transfer form 13)


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