Warning Letter for Coming Late to Work

Coming late to the work is the major problem for any employer and no employer will spare the late coming employees. Maybe one or  Two times an employer can understand the problem of the employee for coming late. But if an employee has a regular habit of coming late to the work is not separable. It breaks the disciplinary system of the organization and finally affects the productivity of the organization. Here you can find some tips to make your employees come for work on right time and also find a sample of a warning letter for coming late to work.

Warning Letter for Coming Late to Work

Sub: Warning letter for coming late to work

Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs __________

We have been noticing that you are regularly coming late to work. You have already received several verbal warnings but still, we haven’t noticed any change in your behavior. So consider this letter as a final warning and if you come late again then you have to face strict actions from the management.

Hoping that you don’t repeat this kind of behavior once again and acknowledge a copy of this letter for future reference.



Warning mail for Coming Late to Work

Dear (employee name),

This is warning mail regarding your regular late coming to work, it is showing your negligence toward the work.  We have already warned you verbally but still, you are coming late to the work. Consider this mail as a final warning from the management and give a proper explanation about this issue.



Why employees come late to work

  1. Some employees are basically indiscipline in nature, they don’t care about the company rules and regulations. This kind of negligence of employees will make them come late to work.
  2. Traffic is another major reason behind late coming of employees. As we know today the population is very high and every employee has to cross several signals points to reach the office. So if they don’t start early then they don’t reach office on right time.
  3. The disinterest of employees for work, this is another major problem for the late coming. When they don’t have interest in work then they will generally come late to work.
  4. Night parties, employees who are addicted to nightlife will generally don’t wake up early in the morning, this makes them start late and leads to late coming.

How to deal with late coming employees

  1. Dealing with late coming employees is a very important task for the employer, if they don’t do it properly then it will show a negative impact on other employees.
  2. Whenever an employer finds that an employee comes late then he has to be warned verbally, even though it is the first time, but still, the employee has to give a proper explanation regarding the late coming.
  3. If employees make a habit of coming late regularly then he must get a warning letter from the employer regarding late coming.
  4. Still, if the employee doesn’t change his/her behavior then they must be punished as per company HR policy. It must be financial deductions or sometimes termination.

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    • it start with verbal warning to written warning then fainal warning and dismisaal i find it very starnge wehn we say I warned an employee on several time warn him or her once and follow the right channels


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