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How To Convert Notepad To Excel With Columns

Convert Text File Excel Or How to convert notepad to excel with columns : In order to convert text file into excel file first open a new excel sheet in your computer and click on data in  menu bar and then go from text and click on text. For example now we are converting below text… Read More »

How To Add Signature In Office 365 Outlook Email

Add Signature Office 365 Outlook Email: Adding your signature is very important when you send emails to others and typing it manually consumes lot of time. So it is better to have a permanent email signature in office 365 outlook email. The signature generally contains the name of the sender, designation of the sender, mobile… Read More »

HR Generalist Profile Or HR Generalist Job Description

HR Generalist Profile : HR generalist or HR executive is a key position in any organization to maintain day to day administration activities such as time office functions like attendance management & leaves management, recruitment, payroll management, employee welfare, training and development etc. Each HR function has its uniqueness and needs lot of skills to… Read More »

Sample Job Acceptance Email

Sample Job Accepting Email : After attending an interview every one waits to receive a call from the company from which they are interviewed. Getting job offer in your e mail inbox is definitely one of the happiest moment in your life.But most of the time many people don’t know how to give a reply… Read More »