How To Approve Employee EPF Basic Details Modification Request By Employer

As we all know recently employee provident fund organization has recently made a provision to correct employee basic details like name, date of birth, Aadhar number, and gender at UAN member portal. This is really a great relief for the EPF members and also for employers. Earlier EPF members used to submit PF joint declaration form manually to their regional EPF office. But now there is no need to submit EPF joint declaration form. Once EPF member corrects their basic details then their employer has to approve them in their employer portal. Here you can know how to approve employee EPF basic details modification request in employer PF portal.

To Correct employee basic details in UAN member portal:

Login to UAN member portal  → Go to manage option → Select Modify basic details → Update your details

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How To Approve Employee EPF Basic Details Modification Request In Employer PF Portal:

To approve employee EPF basic details modification request in employer PF portal employer has to login to employer PF portal with their user id and password.

In home page go to Member option in the primary menu bar and click on process modify basic details request.

Approve Employee EPF Basic Details Modification Request

Now in new page employer can find pending requests. Here employer can find requests made by the EPF members, If the employer finds everything is correct then click on approve otherwise mention the remarks and click on reject.

How To Approve Employee EPF Basic Details Modification Request In Employer PF Portal

Once employer approves the basic details modification request of the EPF member then the request will proceed to the regional EPF office. Now it will take minimum 15 days to approve the request made by the employer to correct basic details of EPF member.

In the meantime, the employer can also check the status of EPF members basic details modification request by typing UAN number of the employee. This option is available on the same page where pending requests are appearing.

How To Approve Employee EPF Basic Details Modification Request In Employer PF Portal

Do share your opinions and doubts on how to approve employee EPF basic details modification request in employer PF portal.

23 thoughts on “How To Approve Employee EPF Basic Details Modification Request By Employer”

  1. Hi,

    I am trying to update my basic details under manage tab and getting an error saying ” The details provided by you are not matching with your aadhaar details.” My aadhar doesnt ave the complete date of birth details but only year is present . Is this the reason why i am gtting this? If so how do i update my DOB details. I have to update this details in my UAN account.

    Thanks in advance.

    • If your mobile number is linked with your Aadhar then download the new Aadhar online, it may have full DOB if it doesn’t visit any Aadhar enrollment center and update your DOB.
    • You will get the above error only when your name or DOB or gender doesn’t match in between your PF and Aadhar data, so pls check it.
    • To solve this issue you have to correct the wrong data.
    • Reply
  2. I have applied for change in name and updation of Aadhaar card details. Where do I attach supporting documents?

    • There is no need to attach any supporting documents when you are trying to correct your details in the UAN portal.

  3. I am getting an error while approving employee basic details. How to correct the error.
    ” Error from webpage” “Error while approving request. try after sometime.”
    this is the error coming from last 10 days.

  4. Dear sir,
    If the employer wants to approve the basic details request of employee did they required Digital Signature Certificate .

  5. hii i have applied for change basc details like name &dob and employer has approved but get rejected by field office bandra what should i do now. i m also getting problem in seeding my aadhaar with uan no

    • If you are correcting your details online then your details on your Aadhar card should match with the details which you want to update. If your Aadhar has correct details then you can correct your PF details either online or offline by submitting PF joint declaration.

  6. Hi,

    My DOB was wrongly entered by the employer and hence j had applied for correction. The employer had approved the request but EPFO field office rejected and the reason was ‘OK’. Also, to let you know it was under rejected under 10 days time from the request generated date.
    Please help me what do I do next.

    • Hi Shrikhla Kapoor,
      Even though they have provided the online system to correct our details, still they are not doing some corrections without any proof. So it is better to correct it by submitting EPF composite declaration form with supporting documents like Aadhar or any dob proof.

      • Hi

        I had submitted photocopy of birth certificate, passport and Aadhar.
        What I’m surprised is the remark is ‘OK’ and yet rejected.
        I am clueless why this happened.

  7. Hi team,
    My name is nirav and i have updated my details through “Modify Basic details” and its approved by my Employer but its pending with Field office since last two month

    Please help me to resolve this issue as my basic details modification is pending with filed office since last 2month

    • Hi Nirav Satish Gujarathi,
      Generally, it doesn’t take more than 1 month, so please raise a grievance at PF portal, so that they will solve your problem immediately.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I need format for have complete track of PF challan paid for making dues/paid statement for particular year. which can cover almost all details which is required by PF enforcement officer at the time of inspection
    Do you have such format ? if yes then pls share it to me.

    • Hi Imran,
      I don’t have such format, at present PF enforcement officers are asking PF monthly paid challans and monthly ECR statements only.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I need to update some details at employer portal in Form No. 5a,do need to re submit the hard copy after updation at portal?
    and what about to fill specimen signature card ? i need to fill it again ??

    await for your response.



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