Internship Application Email Samples

internship email example

Your email plays an important role in getting the internship opportunity in your favorite company.  Your internship email should consist of your education details, interests, and reason for doing the internship. And also don’t forget to attach your resume along with the email. How to … Read more

Simple Resume Formats for Freshers in Word [Free Download]

Simple Fresher Resume Formats in Word

As a fresher a functional (or) skill-based resume works better to get your first job, where you highlight your education, skills, project works, achievements, internships, awards, etc. You don’t need to have a fancy resume to get the job, a simple resume focused on your … Read more

Top 25 Best Reasons for Job Change in Interview

Best reasons for job change in interview

Why do you want to change your job ? is one of the most common questions that every job seeker faces in the interviews. You should be careful when answering the question. Even if you don’t like your previous job (or) boss, it is better … Read more

Advance Salary Application Formats in Word

salary advance application formats in word

Whenever you need the money for any emergency reason but you don’t have enough money with you then you can ask your boss for a salary advance. You can make a salary advance request either through a written request letter or email. Depending upon your … Read more

Sample Leave Extension Emails / Applications

Leave Extension Application Formats

A leave extension letter is a formal request made to your manager/boss to ask for additional leaves, while you are already in the leave period. For example, if you are already on leave due to a health problem but you aren’t recovered yet, then you … Read more