Professional Tax Slab Rates State Wise in India 2019-20

Professional Tax Slab Rates in India

Here you can find state wise professional tax slab rates of each state in India for 2019-20 along with with their payment due dates, associated forms, and website details. Andhra Pradesh Professional Tax Details Monthly Salary Professional Tax Payment Due Date Forms Website Up to … Read more

EPF Grievance Complaint Registration & Resolve Time

EPF grievance portal new website

EPF members or employers who have complaints or queries regarding Employee Provident Fund Scheme such as UAN registration, PF registration, PF withdrawal, KYC linking etc… can solve their problems by registering a complaint at EPF grievance Portal. Here we will know how to fill EPF … Read more

Validity of ESIC Card After Resignation

Validity of ESIC Card After Resignation

It is a common question for most of the ESIC members that after resignation ESIC card valid or not? and how long ESIC benefits could be taken after resigning a job? Here we will find answers for all these questions. ESIC card is also known … Read more

200 Topics For Group Discussion For College Students

Group discussions are the best way to improve the speaking skills of the students, conducting regular group discussions on trending topics in society will make the students aware of the latest issues. Here we have listed group discussion topics which will help you to conduct … Read more