Sample Digital Marketing Resumes for Freshers (Download Word Formats)

If you are first time applying for a digital marketing job, without any experience, by knowing some simple tips you can make a powerful digital marketing resume, that overshadows the other candidates’ resumes in the interview. 

For most freshers digital marketing is completely out of their syllabus, so they are unsure about what to include in their resume.

However, if you know some digital marketing skills and study the job descriptions, you can write an effective resume even without any experience. 

Here you can find 5 sample digital marketing resume formats, which you can download and customize according to your requirements. 

Digital Marketing Fresher Resume 1

Digital Marketing fresher resume free download

Digital Marketing Fresher Resume 2

Digital marketing resumes for freshers doc with no experience

Digital Marketing Fresher Resume 3

Download sample Indian digital marketing freshers resumes in Word format

Digital Marketing Fresher Resume 4

Digital marketing fresher resume India

Digital Marketing Fresher Resume 5

Fresher digital marketing resume in Word

Tips to Write a Good Digital Marketing Resume

1. Start with a Strong Resume Objective

Use a simple personal statement i.e. career objective which states your goals, skills, and enthusiasm to work in a dynamic environment.  You don’t need to explain everything in detail, a simple outline will be enough.

2. Showcase Your Digital MarketingSkills

As a fresher, it is highly important to showcase your digital marketing skills such as content writing, SEO, PPC campaigns, SEM, etc. Your skills act like keywords in your resume, the algorithms of the job portals filter your resume through these keywords and recommend your profile to the right recruiters.

3. Use a Clear, Professional Format

Since you are applying for digital marketing jobs, there is no need to use a fancy modern resume format, always use a simple and clear resume, that focuses only on your skills. Use simple fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Garamond, Roboto, Franklin Gothi, Segoe UI, Calibri, Cambria, etc.

4. Include Relevant Internships or Projects

Companies prefer freshers who have internship experience. Internships are really important for freshers. Even a short internship experience will separate your profile from the other candidates who haven’t done any internship. Mention the company name and your role in the internship.
You should also include any certification programs that you have finished related to the digital marketing field.

5. Match Your Interests/Hobbies with Digital Marketing Field

Interviewers want to know about your personal details, and most of the time they ask you questions about the personal interests/ hobbies you stated in your resume. So you should add hobbies related to the digital marketing field or fields you are passionate & aware of.

6. Tailor Your Resume for Each Job

The common mistake freshers make while applying for jobs is they use the same resume for every job, that is not the right way to apply for jobs.
You should always modify your resume according to each job you apply. Read job descriptions carefully, find the skills required, and use them as keywords in your resume.  

7. Proof Read and Get Feedback

It is common to make mistakes in a resume, you cannot identify them at first sight, so proofreading will help you find any grammatical or spelling mistakes. If possible take feedback on your resume from your mentors and seniors in the digital marketing field.


1. What is the Objective of a Resume for Digital Marketing?

  • Career objective is your personal statement that describes your goals, skills, and knowledge of various tools any the field you are applying for the job. 
  • Make sure what you have written in your career objectives, sometimes interviewers ask questions around it.

2. What should Frsher Include in their Digital Marketing Resume?

  1. Skills
  2. Career Objective
  3. Education
  4. Internship Experience
  5. Projects/Certifications
  6. Technical Proficiency
  7. Personal Interests
  8. Personal information

3. Importance of Internship in Digital Marketing Resume?

Internships are crucial for freshers to get jobs in the digital marketing field. By doing an internship you get practical knowledge, and companies prefer candidates who have practical knowledge more than theoretical knowledge. So it is always recommended to do an internship whether it is big or small.

4. Importance of Certifications in Digital Marketing Resumes?

Certifications show your enthusiasm, and eagerness to learn new things related to your field, it also helps you gain an edge over other candidates. Certification boosts your resume. There are several free certification programs offered by Google AdWords, Analytics, Hubspot, Facebook, etc.

5. How Long Should a Fresher Digital Marketing Resume Should Be?

In the Indian context, most employers prefer to read a 1-page to 2-page resume. So focus on the important information related to the job and remove everything unwanted. Your main goal is to present to most persuasive information in a short format.

6. Should I Use a Modern or Simple Resume format while Applying for a Digital Marketing Job?

I recommend you use a simple, clear, and easy-to-read traditional resume format. Your resume should not dominate the content. 


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